Test about London

Answer these multiple-choice questions about London1. Where is London situated?
A On the right bank of the Thames
B On the left bank of the Thames
2. How many people does London comprise?
A 8 Million people
B 7 million people
C 6 million people
3. How many parts can London are divided into?
A 4 parts
B 2 parts
C 3 parts
4. Where is Westminster Abbey situated?
A in the City
B in the East End
C in the workers region
5. How is the City often called?
A the goods of London
B the hands of LondonC the money of London
6.Where do Londoners like to spend their free time ?
A in numerous banks
B in the shops
C in the green parks 0
7.What is the heart of London ?
A Westminster Abby
B the Tower
C the City
Make up your own story on the topic. Speak on the following points of the plane. The words and phrases will help you make your story to be logic and interesting
The Geographical Position of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The UK occupies
The UK is situated off
The UK is separated from
The UK is washed by
Four Parts of the UK
The UK consists of
Every part has
The capitals are
The Surface of Great Britain
Great Britain is divided into
Lowlands comprise
Highlands include
Many rivers are flowing
The Population is
The official language is
Some people continue
The Flag of the UK
The flag is made up
The English people call
The Head of the State
The UK is
The Queen reigns
The UK Nowadays
The UK has succeeded
The UL doesn`t depend on

Agree or disagree with the following statements.Add some more information.
1.The UK occupies the territory of the British Isles.2.The UK is washed by many seas and the ocean.3.Many rivers are flowing through Great Britain.4.There are many beautiful parks in the West End.5.The UK has succeeded in remaining one of the important commercial centers of the world.
Are these statements true or false?Correct the false ones.
1.Great Britain consists of three parts.
2.The smallest part is Wales.
3.Most people in Wales live in the mountains.
4.The Highlands are the oldest mountains in the world.
5.The population of the UK is over 6 million.
6.The capital of the UK is Scotland.
7.The UK stands on the Trent.
8.Leading industries are machinery,food processing.
9.Agriculture is also well-developed,especially sheep-breeding in London.
10.The heart of the UK is Wales.

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