Эссе на тему “Science inside”

Эссе на тему “Science inside” 10 класс,
Чистякова И.В., МАОУ «Лицей № 1»
2014, ТГПУ им. Л.Н.Толстого
Since the very time when people invented a wheel, science became a very important part of our everyday life. Ancient Greeks have made a tremendous leap in engineering and architecture. In Medieval times making something new was already a question of life and death, because the Empire that had more modern war technologies was meant to be number one in the world. Starting from the WWI and ending with WWII a few group of scientists from Germany, the USSR and the USA made as many inventions as no one made during the last 5000 years. Making something new and useful was an honored thing to do. It was a very hard work and only the best minds could do it. But what do we see now? Science in the XXI century isn’t something super important…it’s the way of earning money and entertaining people with new gadgets and useless things like robots playing soccer on a table. So, how teenagers see the future of science and how do they educate themselves if they want to know something.
As I’m a teenager, I can tell without a doubt that I can truly learn something not from a book, not from school… and here you should ask where do I get all the knowledge? That’s Discovery Channel and the Internet. And that’s a non-stop source of scientific ideas and interesting things that I should know to create something worth wasting my time and something that people will envy. Teens are tired of eternal cartoons and movies! As far as I’m concerned I’m not the only one getting interesting ideas from TV. The people on the screen are truly the ones that encourage young people on travelling around the world, inventing things or just trying something new. We’ve got a lot more opportunities than the ancient inventors, so why not to use all of it to be better than the last generation? And nowadays it isn’t not about making a gadget, it’s all about the idea and here start some complications. Many years ago people had effects to discover, machines to invent but now all the essential inventions have been made, all the problems have been solved and what do we have? We have only our imagination and will to create. Of course we can develop already existing things but if one young daredevil wants to amaze the crowd he’s got to give birth to an idea that has never existed in the whole universe, for example, a touch screen. If we watch a SciFi movie made in the 80’s we’ll see that their conception of future was really a kind of embarrassing and wrong. Science accepted the other way. Galography appeared to be useless and touch technologies are now on top showing really good results and user friendly interface. And the people who use this technology mostly are the teenagers who play games on these gadgets. And at one moment probably one kid out of thousands of kids playing games will ask himself a question - How does it work? And who will help him? One more time the Internet or a special program on Discovery Channel. This can already be a leap because not a lot of teenagers are interested in science and the only way to make them love it is with the help of things they like.
My theory can be a bit naive and there’ll be of course a lot of critics but I really believe that science must be in the human being and not human being in science.
On the other hand, professors won’t agree with me and they will be right saying that inventing something can’t be just a hobby but a real hard work that demands a lot of strength and stamina. And as I can say so, young scientists also know that making something isn’t just a game. They are informed that no one will help to create the invention and promote it. As people say – “If you want to do something, do it yourself”. TV and the Internet also don’t make accent that science is easy and doesn’t refer will. They make the opposite. Everything you do you should love it and respect it even though it can be really fun to make something on your own that will blow others people’s minds.
Now I’d like to give you some examples of people and programs that inspired them to change the world. First, I would like to start with myself. Everyone knows the show “The Ultimate Survival”. That’s been a great stimulator of my dreams that I’d like to make come true in the nearest future. The main source of my inspiration is the host of this program Bear Grylls. He climbed Everest at the age of 22 just 18 months after injuring his back. Three years later, he led a team of five, on the first unassisted crossing of the north Atlantic Arctic Ocean, in an open rigid inflatable boat. Without a doubt I can say he is my hero, the man whose achievements have influenced my life. And I’m not the only one! Millions of kids around the world, dreaming about the distant shores, will tell the same. The second example is my childhood friend Alex that is constantly watching Travel Channel. The program “Lonely Planet” has made from a lazy person, a person who wants to travel round the globe, to know everything in the world.
As a conclusion, I’d like to say that before the invention of the TV set and the Internet only rich people could know about the overseas things and now even children from the worst neighborhoods can dream no matter about that it is a dream of a becoming scientist or a traveler. I can say that if a man has a dream and will then nothing can stop him. Only the ones who truly believe in the things they do will make a world a better place.

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