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Выполнил: Рычагов Даниил студент 3 курса гр. ПСО 314The Royal Family The Queen is the official Head of State and, for many people, a symbol of the unity of the nation.The sovereign The Queen has a central role in state affairs, not only through her ceremonial function, such as opening Parliament, but also because she meets the Prime Minister every week and receives copies of all Cabinet papers. However, she is expected to be impartial or «above politics», and any advice she may offer the Prime Minister is kept secret. FUNCTIONS OF THE SOVEREIGN Opening and closing ParliamentApproving the appointment of the Prime Minister Giving her Royal Assent to billsGiving honors such as peerages, knighthoods and medalsHead of the CommonwealthHead of the Church of EnglandCommander-in-Chief of the armed forces Many members of the Royal Family undertake official duties in Britain and abroad. Their various responsibilities reflect tradition, their own personal interests and Britain’s former imperial status.The Royal Family At present the British royal family is headed by Queen Elizabeth. When the Queen was born on the 21st of April 1926, her grandfather, King George V, was on the throne and her uncle was his heir. The death of her grandfather and the abdication of her uncle brought her father to the throne as King George VI. The Queen's husband, Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1926 and served in the Royal Navy. He takes a great deal of interest in industry, in the achievements of young people (he founded Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in 1956) and in saving raise wild animals from extinction. The Queen's heir is Charles, Prince of Wales, who was born in 1948, married Lady Diana Spencer and has two children, Prince William and Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales is well-known as a keen promoter of British interests. His wife Diana, Princess of Wales (often called in mass media Princess Di), won the affection of many people by her modesty, shyness and beauty. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident in August, 1997. The Royal Family’s money comes from two sources: government funds and their own personal wealth, which is considerable. The Queen is really a figurehead representing the country, but she has the power to prevent from establishing a dictatorship The Queen and her family are a symbol that people can identify with. The Queen is probably the wealthiest women in the world, most of the money coming from family investments rather than the state. Her state salary (The Civil List) pays for her servant and transport. Just how popular is she? In the late 1980s a newspaper conducted an opinion poll. People were asked, «If there was no monarchy, who would you vote for as President? » More than 80 per cent chose the Queen. Official website of the royal familyOfficial YouTube Channel"House of Windsor Family Tree External links:

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