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Учебная разработка к теме «Бедствия»
Рогозина Л.А. ГАПОУ Мурманской области «Мончегорский политехнический колледж».
Прочитайте слова и найдите им русские эквиваленты
Disasters : earthquakes, volcanoes, plane crash , explosion
Survive, shake, rush, rescue , crash shout
Harbor, shore, roof, skyscraper, stairs (upstairs, downstairs) , crowd
Переведите примеры предложений на русский язык.
Survive I will survive. Nobody survived when “Titanic” sank. Who survived in the disaster?
Rescue You can rescue me. My husband worked in a rescue team four years ago. Nobody wants to rescue the person who doesn’t want to be rescued. The man rescued the boy who was sinking.
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Disaster 1. Hi. I am Bill Daniels. I live in Chicago. I was working in my office on the 28th floor of a skyscraper. I was dictating some letters to my secretary when the fire bell rang. I rushed into the lift but it wasn`t working . The stairs were full of thick smoke . We couldn`t go down , so we had to go up to the roof. When we got there, some people were waiting calmly . Others were shouting and screaming wildly. A helicopter managed to land on the roof and rescued six of us before the building collapsed.
Отработайте слова и выражения с глаголом rush
To rush , a rush, a rush-hour 1. The soldiers rushed forward. 2. The dog rushed at the old woman. 3. You mustn’t rush into the room. Don’t rush him. 4. Не делай эту работу в спешке. 5. Не торопите его. 6. Кто-то стремительно выбежал из комнаты. 7. На вокзале была такая сутолока, что можно было легко потеряться. 8. Старайтесь не ездить на машине по Киеву в час-пик.

Fill the gaps
On fire put out fire engine fire brigade under control overcome fireman arson
During the night somebody reported that a house was ……………Someone phoned the ……….and a ………………..was sent to the house. One ………………was ………………by smoke and taken to the hospital, but in a half an hour the fire was……………and after another half an hour it was finally …………..At first the police thought it was an accident, but later they found matches and petrol can and began to think about …………
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1. В то время как небоскреб падал, все люди мчались прочь. 2. Эта церковь такая же высокая, как небоскреб? 3. Когда приехала пожарная бригада, крыша уже горела. 4. Когда я попал на мост в час-пик, я решил сидеть в машине спокойно. 5. Когда она поднималась вверх по лестнице, первые две ступеньки обвалились. 6. Он стремительно сбежал вниз по лестнице и прыгнул в машину. 7. Дети помчались на крышу , но она начала обваливаться.
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Disaster 2. My name`s Martha Huggins. I was on holiday in the South Pacific and I was staying in Pogohiti , a small island. I was having a rest when the volcano erupted. The noise woke me up. I looked through the window. Everybody was running towards the harbor. I just put on a coat, and ran to the harbor too. I managed to get on a ship. It was leaving when the lava hit the town.
Отработайте слова и выражения
Hit- hit- hit He hit me on the head. The dog rushed at me but I hit it with a stick. Somebody hit him from behind and he fell down. Don’t hit the animals.
Wake up-woke up –woken up Don’ t wake me up so early. The noise woke me up. I woke up but didn’t get up. Which of you can wake me up tomorrow? Are you awake?
Condition 1. The flat is in good condition you can move in any time. 2. The ship was in no condition to leave the port. 3. It’s too noisy here. We can’ t work in these conditions. 4. Hard work is one of the conditions of a progress.
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1. Корабль затонул недалеко от гавани. 2. Корабль был не в состоянии покинуть гавань.
3. Волны ударяли о берег. 4. Когда мы отплыли подальше от гавани, мы увидели подводную пещеру . 5. Киты ударили лодку , раскачали ее и лодка затонула. 6. Я проснулся от того, что волны раскачивали лодку. 7. Но я был не в состоянии встать сразу.

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