Презентация «Памятные скамейки»

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Выполнили ученицы 6 «А» классаШАПОВАЛ ЕкатеринаКузьмичёва Елизавета Учитель: Стешина Елена БорисовнаПамятные скамейкиМБОУ ЦО № 31г. Тулы2016г. Memorial benches are one of unknown English traditions. Any person in London has an opportunity to mount such bench in honour of his relative or friend. He comes to the Municipality, pays about 500 pounds and local authority mounts the bench with an inscription on it in the agreed place. Such bench is not a monument, of course, but it is not just a place for sitting, too. It gives the opportunity to mark some important event or to dedicate some lines to a person, who is important for you. For example, in June 2007 26-year-old rock-musician Peter Stevens died of cancer. His friend and relatives collected money and placed the memorial bench on Primrose Hill, where Peter often spent his time and played the guitar. Since that time this bench is not just a place of rest for many tourists, but a symbol of memory of the young musician.There are a lot of such benches in many London’s parks. In London there is also a memorial bench to our compatriot Ilya Kormiltsev, the Russian poet, who died in London in 2007. The inhabitants of our capital can also get the right to mount memorial benches with the engraving or a plate, devoted to the memorial date, person, place and etc. The person will get the right to make a memorial inscription after he pays the cost of the bench. This idea was presented at the meeting of the council under the mayor of Moscow. Experts consider that memorial benches will make the city friendlier and economize budget money. Использованные материалы:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_bench

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