Презентация «Кофейные страсти в Британии»

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МБОУ ЦО № 31г.ТулыВыполнили ученицы 6В классаКонева Анастасия, Старухина ЕвгенияУчитель: Стешина Елена Борисовна2016г.Кофейные страсти в Британии Coffee Loving Britain The tradition of coffee drink in England is as strong as the famous five-o-clock tea. After students business people and people of other segments of society also gave their hearts to coffee. Coffee became a good alternative to alcohol. The pioneers were the students of Oxford University who fought with tiredness drinking coffee and saying: "Having a cup of coffee you will get more useful information, than reading textbooks for a month". The new drink soon became extremely popular, and by 1663 there were 82 coffee houses in London. By 1739 the number had risen to 551. Now there are more than 14,000 coffee shops in the UK. The very first coffee house in England was opened in Oxford in 1650. Shortly afterward, in 1652, London’s first coffee house was opened in Cornhill. In the 18th century coffee houses were open to all who could afford the penny entrance fee. They became a peculiar center of culture, gossip and news. Some of them even published their own newspapers. Topics discussed included politics and political scandals, daily gossip, fashion, current events, and debates on philosophy and natural sciences. Political groups often used coffeehouses as meeting places. According to statistics, today England ranks first in the world in coffee consumption per capita, remaining faithful to more than three hundred years of history of black drink. The quality of coffee has greatly increased due to the most advanced equipment and almost scientific approach to the preparation of coffee. Over the past five years, representatives of the UK twice received the title of the best barista in the world, winning in World Barista Championships. A whole week in April is annually devoted to coffee. It is a great event for coffee lovers, professional baristas, coffee shop owners and coffee experts who share their experiences and love of coffee during the UK Coffee Week. The celebration closes with the London Coffee Festival which includes tastings, demonstrations from world-class Baristas, live entertainment and music. All things considered, Britain can be called the nation of coffee lovers.

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