Презентация «Британские сады»

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МБОУ ЦО № 31 г.ТулыВыполнила ученица 6 «А» классаРешетняк УльянаУчитель: Стешина Елена Борисовна2016г.BRITISH GARDENS Almost prizes. Almost every town and village has a gardening club and holds annual summer flower exhibition where local farmers display their fruit, flowers and vegetables, and compete in various nominations for prizes. England is the most garden-loving country in the world. Every newspaper in Britain has a gardening column, radio and television broadcast programs related to gardening. The British interest in gardening affects the appearance of whole towns. Public parks and gardens often have bright displays of flowers. Public buildings have window boxes and hanging baskets. London, the capital city of Britain, is called the Garden Capital of the world. Kew GardensBuckingham GardensKensington GardensQueen Mary's Rose GardenHyde Park Rose Garden In England you won’t find the sign with the words: "don't walk on the grass", which is typical of Russia. City dwellers can walk on the grass barefoot or laze in the shade of a tree. It is quite natural in England to see children playing on the grass in parks, squares and gardens. The British are proud of their lawns. Growing lawns is a national passion. The oldest English lawns - Oxford and Cambridge - are several hundred years old. England is also famous for its small private gardens. In Britain there are more private gardens than in any other country in the world. The British house usually has a front and a back garden. The front is formal and decorative, with a lawn or fancy paving and flower borders. The back garden also has a lawn and flower beds, and sometimes a vegetable plot or fruit trees. There is often a bird table there.Some houses have only a very small paved back garden decorated with plants in tubs, or in pots or baskets fixed to the wall. Traditional English garden accessories are arches, statues, old stone sculptures, sundials and Victorian benches. Fences and walls of the houses are hidden by climbing plants. Garden gnomes are often found in private gardens. They help to create a private little world in which his master, an Englishman, acts as a huge kind giant. Every summer the British can buy a booklet listing private gardens which are open to the public on a particular day. Visitors like to look around and get ideas for their own gardens. Welcome to British Gardens!

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