Презентация «Тульские путешественники и исследователи»

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МБОУ ЦО № 31 Тульские путешественники и исследователи Выполнила: Тяглова Валерия, 7АУчитель: Стешина Елена Борисовнаг. Тула2016г. Great Travellers and Explorers from Tula Region Aleksey Skuratov is a well-known Russian seafarer of the 18th century, the researcher of Arctic regions. He spent his childhood and the last years of his life in the village of Big Skuratovo in Chern district. A cape in the northern coast of Yamal, a peninsula, a cape and a strait near Dickson island were named in his honour. The ships in Arctic regions were often called after him. Alexander Shrenk (1816-1876) is a well-known traveller along the suburbs of Russia. He was born in 1816 in the village Triznovo of Shchekinsky district of the Tula region. In 1837 he made a seven-month travel along the northern suburb of Russia during which he collected a lot of scientific material in botany, zoology, geology, linguistics and ethnography. In 1839 he travelled to Finland, and in 1842 - to Dzungaria and the Kirghiz steppes. He published 16 printed works and articles on the materials of his travels. Evgeny Tolstikov (1913-1988) is one of the most remarkable polar researchers. In 1946-1953 he participated in several expeditions on ice breakers and planes in the central Arctic regions. In 1957 he was appointed the chief of the Third Soviet Antarctic expedition. In 1958 Tolstikov headed the first in the history of the Soviet aircraft transcontinental flight through the Southern geographical pole. Aleksey Alyushin (1897 - 1987) – the explorer of the Tula flora. Every spring Alexey Ivanovich went hiking. He travelled by buses, by suburban trains or passing cars to the remote areas of our region and collected herbariums. He explored a considerable territory of the Tula area. The results of his research were presented in 1975 in his book "In the edge of miracles... In the edge of plants". Tatiana Pronchishcheva is the first polar woman-traveller. She was born in 1713 in the village of Berezovo, Aleksinsky district. In 1735 together with her husband Vasily Pronchishchev, as a part of Bering's Second Kamchatka expedition, she made a trip on board a vessel from Yakutsk down the Lena River to the Yenisei mouth to put on the map the unknown at that time Taimyr. Tatiana Pronchishcheva's name was given to the bay and peninsula in the east of Taimyr. In Yakutsk there is a monument to Tatiana Pronchishcheva and her husband. Pavel Grigorievich Ignatov (1874-1902) was born in 1874 in Belyov. He devoted his life to travelling to the remote mountain lakes of the Altai. At the age of 21 he made a trip across the Irtysh and the Ob, collected an interesting collection of fishes and gave it to the university zoological museum. Next year together with other students he travelled to the Southern Altai. Courageous travelers got into not investigated mountains, opened an unknown glacier and put the river Agulgun on the map. Fyodor Petrovich Savarensky (1881-1946) is a famous Soviet hydrogeologist. After graduating from the Moscow University he thoroughly investigated a considerable part of the territory of our region. He published about 20 books and articles about the soils based on the material of his trips. He wrote an interesting work "About the place names of the Tula province in connection with soil data". http://btula.ru/catbrend_znamenitye_zemlyaki.htmlhttp://www.tula-oblast.ru/greatpeoplehttp://www.domikorabl.ru/review/Ot_bezina_luga_do.html Использованные интернет-ресурсы:http://www.tula.ru/upload/183.jpghttp://www.rvisa.ru/images/finland2.jpghttp://map.rin.ru/maps_e/tula.gifhttp://photos.id.kcdn.kz/f7/top_8b6cbf516c0068eae58.jpghttp://www.continent-ex.ru/_mod_files/ce_images/art-sept/kirgizia64.jpghttp://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/4901/193790803.15/0_c8b1d_8eeaf2f5_Shttp://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/9250/193790803.11/0_c0112_f512f24e_Shttp://tsput.ru/res/natura/tulanature/images/image50.jpghttp://ecodelo.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/node-gallery-thumbnail/Irtish2_0.jpghttp://putevoditel-altai.ru/Risunci/53/ozero_gornykh_dukhov-altaj0.jpghttp://www.bearmountain.ru/assets/images/beluha.jpg

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