проект на английском языке «Изобретения для Ямала: Волшебные варежки»

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Magic Mittens By Bogdan Mazhoroff Hats, scarfs and mittens are a very useful things!!! I live in the north, in Salekhard.Winters are very strong and cold! So I think that my invention will be useful for all people… You can wear it when there are about -40 or -50 degrees below zero and you won’t feel cold!!! My great invention is “Magic mittens”. When you wear so beautiful collection of a hat, a scarf and mittens, you will feel very, very warm! You can even think that you are in Africa because “Magic mittens” have unbelievable functions The instructions: 1. At first you should put on the scarf 2. Then you should put on the hat 3. Then you should put on these wonderful mittens 4. When you have already done all these things, you should rub the mittens with each other. Then you will feel that the mittens are beginning to keep you warm very much. Then this heat will “pass” to the hat and the scarf and you will feel that you are becoming very hot. That’s all!!!!!!!

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