проект на английском языке «Изобретения для Ямала»: Умный робот (Салехард, 2009): учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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The best invention for Yamal: a Clever robot The project by Nepova Marina The warming automaton. This wonderful device is the miracle of modern technology. The main function of this automaton is to take off the snow from the streets. How it looks like… How it works… The “organization” of this device is simple.The robot is controlled by a brain center in it’s head. There is a programmed microchip, which contains all the information about what the robot should do.Also, there is a full-set of maps in its brain center. This device needs no a network, because it has a storage battery, which provides an automaton with energy.The “face” of the device is represented by the couple of eyes, which helps to analyze the environment. The red eye is to recognize lifeless nature. And the green eye is to recognize people and animals. The talking device can communicate with people. For example, is somebody is lost in the street, he can ask the robot how to get to the destination. The special antenna helps it to orientate itself. The body of the robot is covered with a rust-resisting steel. That’s why it could not be destroyed by water and snow.The joints helps to move freely. The special warming plates are to thaw the ice on the stairs. Its parameters… This amazing device is: About two meters of height; About 50 centimeters of breadth; About 70 kilogram of weight. Operating instructions… 1) Do not try to disjoint the device: it will resist;2) Do not attempt to repair an automaton yourself;3) Change the storage battery once a year;4) When the weather is colder than 40 degrees below zero, don’t let the device work in the street more than 12 hours a day;5) Do not forget to clean the device. Advertisement. Are you living the one of the coldest places of the planet? Are you suffering of everyday snow and ice? Do you want to live better?That’s why our wonderful invention is the best thing for you!!!It will take off the snow and ice from the streets near your house. So, you will not have to do this unpleasant work.This devise is useful not only in winter. Of course, you can use it in autumn and in summer for taking off the garbage from the streets.The other advantage is that this device is cheep enough. You have to pay just 1200 dollars for it.So, you can acquire it in any time. Good luck!

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