проект на английском языке «Изобретения для Ямала»: Устройство по изготовлению горячих напитков» (Салехард, 2009)

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Invention for Northern people (from the 9th A form):“MACHINE making HOT-DRINK”

SettingsOur gadget is very useful for the aborigines of Yamal. First you should put a cup into a pocket and water will fall into your cup. It is very easy for using. It’s necessary to push some buttons and the hot drink will be ready. Then choose the kind of tea which you want and wait a minute. But be careful, don’t take your cup before the green button will switch on. After that you will get a lemon and sugar. It’s our “change” for the Northern sun, it is very useful and convenience for all the aborigines.

Values for aboriginesOur invention is very useful for north people. They live in hard life's conditions. They spend many time on frost. That’s why our gadget is necessary for them. Cap of hot tea can help to get warm quickly. Also if they have this invention they will be cheerful and will not become ill. We think that in future all aborigines will have this useful thing.

AdvertismentLife without this unit will be not so comfortable. It is really the right way to protect people from catching cold. You should remember that it is a kind of safety and even a child can use it. This device is not expensive and each family can buy it, that’s why it is the great variant for the North. Your life will become easy. Nowadays it is the best choice for Northern aborigines as we know some of them have an alcohol addiction. They need another way to protect themselves from the cold. Soon you will not be able to imagine your day without this unit as it suits every home, it is light and everybody can use it. Such invention isn't harmful, it is good for people’s health.

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