Презентация в рамках проекта на английском языке «Досуг мира: Япония»: учитель: Бочкарёва СВ

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The part of the Project “Leisure of the world”Japan Made by Julia Novozhilova 11 class Japan is one of the greatest countries of our world. Their philosophers say that the main value is the man who lives in harmony with the universe. Eastern countries believe in this theory and try to follow it the whole life. Their work is so hard and difficult that life seems to be nervous and stressful, that’s why in Japan a lot of people commit suicide. That’s why Japanese men, and women began to be fond of such hobby as Ikebana. There is the art of creating harmony between people and Nature, which they love like their own mother and at the same time they are afraid of it. Ikebana helps even poor people to feel themselves comfortable and wealthy. The Japanese never forget their traditions which came from ancient time. At first sight theatre especially dramatic theatre is boring but in Japan the similar theatre which named Noo is popular. All plays are played with just one decoration in the form of lonely pine tree. According to the last research the most part of Japanese teens hobby today is the Internet and mobile email. Also strange as it may seem writing poems is favourite not only among professional poets but ordinary people like it too. Japanese people are so responsible and hard-working even at school that they just have no time for having a rest or free time. Sometimes of course they like to visit karaoke clubs and to sing something funny. Besides at school they join to clubs of music, painting, karate and other kinds of fighting, sport clubs etc. The Japanese like people in other countries drive cars. Usually they work for the whole life in one company, and try to do it perfectly for having big salary and visiting their relatives and probably traveling. The young people prefer playing computer games with their friends at home or in special places; watching anime and read manga - Japanese comics, after that they dress on different clothes like heroes and plays situations from these comics. It is called Cosplay. To put it simply, anime is Japanese cartoons. Anime differs from American cartoons because of its sense and plot. The country of rising sun differs from other western countries. It never stops and always creates new ideas and opportunities for its people. My dream is to work in that wonderful country!

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