презентация в рамках проекта на английском языке «Идеальное государство»: «Фантастический остров» (МОУ «Гимназия, Салехард, 2009): учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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Idealliya From Mary Nepova This really wonderful state is situated on the warm tropical islands. The climate is perfect. People can grow many fruits and vegetables and they have not to go hungry. People sell food products to other countries, and it is the base of their economy. The country has many technologies in this sphere and its production is perfect. That’s why this state is rich and its citizens live very well. The basic principle The main principle of Idealliya says that everybody can get medical care, insurance and education regardless of their income. Taxation One of the best traits of this state is that people have not to pay a lot of contributions. The taxation is very law, because the country is rich enough. Welfare system. The welfare system is developed and updated according to the requirements of the world. There are some categories of citizens who are entitled to different and allowances. For example: the widowed, the retired, the disabled and children from big families can use common transport free of charge. More of then the single parents can use trains or plains free of charge for traveling with their children. The widowed, the retired and unemployed can receive pension about 1500 euro. For working people the minimal salary is about 700 euro. Children, the disabled and the retired can get every kind of medical care free of charge. Organs of responsibility. The government is responsible for the work of welfare system. The main plus of the government’s work is that people have not to claim their benefits with a help of courts, but the government knows about everyone who needs care. People just should register some documents. I DO BELIEVE – MY PROJECT WILL BE REAL IN FUTURE!111

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