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ГБОУ СПО «Дзержинский химический техникум им.Красная Амия»«The Tower of London» Выполнила: студентка 27 группыШевелёва КристинаПроверила:Холодилова М.А2016 СодержаниеThe tower of LondonThe BaseThe State prisonThe zooThe Palace guards and Royal regaliaThe Modern look The tower of LondonThe tower of London throughout its nine hundred year history was the fortress which was the Royal residence, Armoury and Treasury as well as a prison and place of execution. The BaseThe base of the fortress tower is attributed to William I. After the Norman conquest of England, William I began to erect defensive castles to intimidate the conquered Anglo-Saxons. One of the biggest in 1078 was the tower. The State prisonPrisoners were kept in the premises at that time were not busy. The timing of the conclusions were very different. The zooIn the early thirteenth century John of England kept lions in the tower. The successor of John Henry III received a gift of three leopards, a polar bear and an elephant. The Palace guards and Royal regaliaPalace guards guard the tower to this day. Today, their duties also include conducting tours for numerous visitors The Modern lookToday the tower of London is one of the main attractions in the UK. It has barely changed since the days of the past. Литератураhttp://www.london-info.ru/articles/guid/id_72.htmlhttp://travellite.ru/archives/london-tower/

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