Презентация на английском языке «Выбор профессии» (МОУ «Гимназия» г. Салехарда): учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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by Kseniya Grachyova (2009) Many young people think about their future profession at school. School can help you understand what skills you have and what profession you really want to have. The Choice is very important!! But how can you make an excellent choice ? In order to choose a future career, you should consider different factors. In my opinion money is ONE of the most important factors. Future profession should suit your interests. You should take into account your knowledge and skills You should understand that some jobs can be more suitable for men and others for women. You should also decide whether you want to work indoors or outdoors. Please, take into account your traits of character. For example: teachers’ work demanding profound knowledge of subjects, love for children, the ability to explain and much more…. Parents and friends can influence your choice. But only you know what you want to be. May be you can draw very well, OR DANCE… or may be you like swimming… and so on….THINK AND CHOOSE!!!!

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