Контролная работа но2 настояшчее завершенное время 5 класс

Present Perfect Tense
Listen to the children’s talk about their favourite activities. For questions 1-6, write down how long the children have done their favourite activities. You will hear the talk twice.
Katie has sung in the choir. _______________________________________________
Molly has played tennis. _________________________________________________
Laura has pained pictures. _______________________________________________
Timothy has done pantomime. ____________________________________________
Andy has played the violin. _______________________________________________
Shannon and John have danced ballet dances. _______________________________
since they were 8.
since she was 6.
for 3 years.
for 5 years. (2 varients)
for 2 years.
Read the story about Toni Bently. Fill in the gaps (1-6) with the correct sentences (a-f).
Toni Bently began her ballet lessons when she was three. When she was ten, she went to a New York school. (1) ___________. Now there were ballet lessons every day, and in her old school there was only one lesson a week. The pupils often went to the theatre. “I saw Swan Lake. It was wonderful. I wanted to become a great dancer.”
One day at the end of the school year in new York, her mother heard about the School of American Ballet. Toni went to that school. With five other girls she did some exercises. (2) ________ . She was the best girl.
When Toni was eleven, her life changed. She got the role in a New York City Ballet’s performance. Toni and eight other young girls danced there. (3) _______ . It was very exciting.” When Toni was thirteen, she had ballet dancing two or three times a day. (4) ______ . She stayed at the School of American Ballet for seven years. When Toni was eighteen she joined the New York City Ballet.
“It was fantastic. But my first year was very difficult. (5) _______ . Toni visited London, Paris, Copenhagen and other cities. But soon she decided to leave the ballet and started travelling. She went to Europe. (6) _______ . Now Toni Bently has become the author of several books about the famous ballerinas. Toni says now “Ballet has changed my life. I’m happy that I was a ballet dancer of the New York City Ballet.”
A There she decided to write a book.
B “I danced that role for four winters.
C I learnt thirty ballets that year.”
D There she studied the usual subjects plus music, drama and dance.
E Dance became the most important part of her life.
F Toni did all the exercises really well.
The children from Green Road School take part in different after-school activities. What did the children do last year? Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words from the box.
choir secondhand invitations pick up
leaves soft elderly graffiti
neighbourhood water folk local
The children washed off _____________________ from the houses in Green Street.
Last year the pupils worked a lot. They helped to rake _______________ in the schoolyard and to __________________ flowers.
They visited children at the ______________ hospital and gave them __________ toys.
There is a lake in the town. The pupils helped to ________________ litter near it last summer and helped to clean up the ______________________________ .Pupils of the 1st form collected ___________________________ books for the local hospital.
The school _________________________ won first prize at the singing competition.
A lot of __________________ people got _____________________ for the concert.
The children performed ______________ dances and songs at the concert.
For questions 1-8, fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs from the box. There is an example (0) at the beginning.
clean collect pick rake
sew sweep visit practice
Have you done your homework, John?
I _____________________________________ Moscow this year.
My brother __________________________________ football for 3 years.
We _________________________________ many soft toys for children.
I don’t like ___________________ leaves. But I ___________________ all the leaves in my grandmother’s garden today.
Our class __________________ up the litter in the local park this week.
We ____________________________ secondhand toys for children this month.
Our class helped to ___________________ up our neighbourhood.
I usually help my dad to __________________ the paths.
3.* For questions 1-7, fill in the gaps with the verb in the correct form and a word in brackets. There is an example (0) at the beginning.
I have sung (sing) in the choir for three years. (since / for)
We ____________________________ (not finish) the test _________ . (already / yet)
________________________________ your friend ____________ (watch) a new film ____________? (just / yet)
I ____________________________ (wash) all the dishes _______________ . (just / yet)
My friend ____________________ (do) pantomime _____________ he was ten. (since / for)
I _______________________ (do) this exercise _________________ 5 minutes. (since / for)
We __________________________ (perform) folk dances ____________ five years. (since / for)
I ____________________ (finish) the test ________________ . (already / yet)
Нормы оценивания ЗУН по английскому языку при выполнении данной контрольной работы:
Контрольная работа состоит из 3 заданий:
Задание 1 LISTENING COMPREHENSION (Аудирование) – 6 баллов
Задание 2 READING COMPREHENSION (Чтение) – 6 баллов
Задание 3 USE OF ENGLISH (VOCABULARY / GRAMMAR) №1 – 12 баллов
№2 – 9 баллов
№3* - 14 баллов
Всего: 47 баллов
47 - 34 балла - оценка «5»
33 - 25 баллов - оценка «4»
24 - 15 баллов - оценка «3»
< 15 баллов - оценка «2»

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