Контролная работа по английскому языку 4 класс унит 1 умк м.з. Биболетовой енjой енглиш 0

Контрольная работа по английскому языку, 4 класс
Прослушайте рассказы детей о том, чем они любят заниматься зимой и летом. И заполните таблицу:
Имя Зимнее занятие Летнее занятие
Сара Кататься на лыжах ?
Джек ? Играть с друзьями
? ? ?
1. Hi! My name is Sara. I like winter because I can ski in winter. In summer I like to swim in the river.
2. I’m Jack. In winter it’s cold and snowy I like to toboggan in winter. In summer it’s hot and sunny. In summer I like to play with my friends.
3. Hello! My name is Garry. I like to read very much. In summer and in winter I like to read fairy-tales.
Прочитайте тексты и подберите к ним подходящие заголовки:
1. It is not cold, but it is not hot. The days are short. The leaves on the trees are yellow. Children go to school.
2. It is cold. The days are short. The nights are long. There is a lot of snow in the fields and in the streets. Children play snowballs.
3. It is cool, but sometimes it is warm. The weather is fine. There are first flowers in the fields and parks. We like this season.
4. It is warm. Sometimes it is hot. The weather is usually fine. There are many flowers in the fields and parks. Children like this season very much.
Прочитайте диалог.
Mary: What’s the weather like today?
Mike: It’s cloudy and rainy.
Mary: Would you like to go to the park?
Mike: Oh, no! I don’t like rainy weather. I’ll go to the park tomorrow.
Mary: What will you do there?
Mike: I will ride my scooter.
Верны ли следующие утверждения:
5. The weather is sunny today.
6. Mike like rainy weather.
7. Mary will go to the park tomorrow.
8. Mike will ride his scooter.
9. The weather is rainy and cloudy.
Отгадай загадку:
This is the season
When fruit is sweet.This is the season
When school-friends meet.10. What season is it?
Use of English
Прочитай текст. Выбери подходящие по смыслу слова:
My favourite (1. holidays, season, book) is autumn. It’s a (2. beautiful, ugly, bad) season. The leaves in the trees are (3. violet, blue, yellow). It is (4. warm, cold, snowy) in September. I can go for a (5. walk, run, jump). On the first of September I am glad to see my (6. parents, friends, pilots) at school after a long summer holidays.
Составь из слов предложения в будущем времени (утвердительное, отрицательное или общий вопрос):
7. will, they, a snowman, next, make, winter
8. hot, be, summer, next, it, will
9. won’t, tomorrow, badminton, I, play
10. in the river, summer, swim, will, Mary, next?
Прочитай личное письмо. Вставь предложенные ниже фразы в текст письма.
It is New Year soon. I like New Year very much. Sharik likes it too. He takes photos of different animals and birds. I am making a cake for our party now. Petchkin also likes this holiday. He sends postcards and telegrammes to all our friends.
We put a New Year Tree in the yard near our house. ..........4………. All birds and animals often sit in our tree. Would you like to come to our village?
Your friend,
A Write back.B Matroskin.C Dear Fyodor!
D Thank you for your letter.E It is big and nice.
F 20 October
Монологическое высказывание по плану:
1. We have … every year. They are: …
2. In winter it is …
3. Children can … in winter.
4. In spring it is …
5. Boys and girls … in spring.
6. In summer it is …
7. Children like to … in summer.
8. In autumn it is …
9. It’s time for … to fly to Africa.
10. My favourite season is … because …Примерный рассказ ученика:
We have four seasons in a year. They are winter, spring, summer and autumn. In winter it is cold and snowy. Children can ski, skate and play snowballs in winter. In spring it is nice and warm. Boys and girls ride a bike in spring. In summer it is hot and sunny. Children like to play football, swim and dive in summer. In autumn it is rainy. It’s time for birds to fly to Africa. My favourite season is summer because I don’t go to school.
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