электронная газета на английском языке «Школьная жизнь в различных жанрах»: учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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Our school life in different genres ( Salekhard, 2005 ) Gorskina Kate 10 A Our gymnasium Humorous advertisement If you are tired from your children, if you want to feel free and independent, w e offer you to visit our gy m nasium. Here your children will study very much. They will not have any time to worry yo u. Here all the chi l dren will get the bend of their bac ks , poisoning sto m achs, spoiling their eyes . The teachers in our gymnas i um pass the special test: “How much do you hate children?” We offer you computer cl asses, where the equipment has the special quality – AVM. We haven’t people who clean the s chool , that’s why our classes are dirty and there is a bad smell. These classes have very many kinds of different bacteria . Your children will have different diseases . One year of education cost $10000. So, if you haven’t decided yet what school you will choose for your c hild, our gymnasium is the best! ******************************************************** Makarova Kseniya, 10 A An Inter v iew We are sitting in our Eng lish class . This school year is finishing. The 10 th forms will learn here the next year. And all pupils of the 10 th forms are being worri ed with one question: “Where will I study?” I think about it too. Let me tell you the opinions of one of the 10 th form . This beauti ful girl is Julia Krivokon. - Hello, Julia. Don’t you mind answering my question? - Hello! I ’ ll do it w ith pleasure. - Today school leave r s have only one problem: “Where will they study?” What is your solution of this question? Our school life in different genres ( Salekhard, 2005 ) - I don’t know exactly, but I suppose to study in T y umen, it will be connected with registration of plots, houses and so on. - What do you think about the professions which are popular today! - I t hink, there are some prestigio us professions such as la wyers and econ o- mists. - And what jobs will be popular i n the future? - In my opinion, they will be connected with phy s ical work. - Wow! That ’ s s ounds rather strange! Thanks you for your answering. Good bye ! Other people whom I asked to speak don’t know their f u ture pr o fe s sions, but all the pupils want to study at the un i vers i ties . ************************************************************ 10a Lubaikina Kate AN EXPERIMENT It was one of the day s when students beca me teachers. I had a dream to be a teacher, but I did not know if I could do it or not. And that day was the real chance to find the answer this question. So, I beca me a teacher. I had two lessons. The f irst lesson I had wa s with the students from the 7 th form . They were very a g gressive and noisy. Before the lesson I was very kind and cal m, b ut after it I feel a g gressive, because the children did not want to listen to me. My s econd lesson wa s in the 5 th form . I was a very stric t teacher , and that is why a l most all children listened to me very attentive ly and did what I wanted. If som e body did not want to study I could take his or her dairy and give them bad marks. In spite of bad mood that day was very unusual and i n te r esting. I unde r- stood that being a teacher is very difficult and re spons i ble , b e cause you should help chi l dren be good pe o pl e , and their f u ture is in your “ hands ” . Also I unde r stood th at I would NE V ER be a teacher! ************************************************************ Our school life in different genres ( Salekhard, 2005 ) E. Rassokhina (10A) Reporting Hi. I’m situated i n the gymnasium. Today is the16th of May and as usual the gy m n a s i um is full of people. All pupils are m e rry and energetic . The y are shinning like the su n and the pe o- ple are in a good mood! Let’s interview the director of the gymnasium. - Good morning . Do you like your job? - Yes, of course. My job it’s my life and I’ love children and my life. - Thank you very much . I think that the children love you too. So, the direc tor gets pleasure from his job. Now I ’ ll ask questions to pupils, about their stud y- ing. - Hi. What do you think about your school year? - I’m very tired and I am looking forward to ha ving my holidays . - I wish you a good rest. On the first floor today pupils are preparing to the” Last bell “. They are dan c- ing the waltz. There is one beautiful girl; let ’ s ask her about her school life. - Hi. How are you? - Hello. I’m very glad, because it’s my last day in the gymnasium, but I’m wan t ed to be with my friends together. We are finish ing our reporting; if you want to get more information about the gy m n a s i um, we l come here , please! ****************************************************** ******* Our school life in different genres ( Salekhard, 2005 ) Krivokon Y. ( 10a ) Talking When I c ame to school I saw my friend and one day I decided to interview her. That person was Melikhova Helen . We have been learning together since our chil d- hood. We decided to talk in the garden. The day was sunny. T here were no clouds in the sky. It seemed that the day was fantastic for our conversation . We were talking about di f fe r ent things. I asked her attitude about our school education. She said that the e du c a ti on was very good and all the teachers were very clever. A bout her f u ture pr o fe s sion she said that he had got some dreams, but he had to study hard to realize it. The most i n te r es t ing ques t ion for He l en was the question about school hol i- day s. I think b e cause she is very me r ry. But she didn’t like the q uestion about the end of school, because it ’ s always difficult for her to say: “ Good bye , s chool ! ” Our meeting was rather interesting!

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