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Kirill LavrovSoviet actorSoviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema. Hero Of Socialist Labor. People's artist of the USSR. Winner of the Lenin prize, the USSR State prize and State prize of the RSFSR them. br. Vasilyev. A member of the CPSU since 1946. Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov was born on 15 September 1925 in Leningrad in a family of actors. Already in his youth he defined his acting vocation, but the first fate decided otherwise: in 1941, when the war began, he and his mother and younger sister were evacuated to Kirov oblast Cyril worked as a loader, and in 1942, when the family moved to Novosibirsk and started to work at the factory as a Turner. In early 1943 he volunteered in the army, was sent to Astrakhan military technical College. He graduated in 1945, and served 5 years on the island of Iturup in the far East. It was there that he remembered my passion for the theatre, and when he remembered, he decided to enroll in drama school. The school did not accept – Cyril was not of matriculation. But taken in Kiev academic theatre of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka In 1950-1955 Lavrov worked in Kiev. First played in the crowd, then began to role. Thanks to the beautiful and scenic charm, he successfully played a series of interesting roles, gaining experience, professional skill and popularity. In 1951, in Kiev comes the graduate of School-Studio of MKHAT Valentina Nikolayeva, soon became the wife of Kirill Yurievich. In 1955 the couple moved to Leningrad, where they were invited by K. Khokhlov, appointed artistic Director of the Bolshoi Drama theater. Since then, the creative biography of Lavrov was connected with that theatre, and from 1989 to the end of his life he was its artistic Director. Creative way Kirill Yurievich rich in successes. High self-discipline, honesty and sincerity, ability to make friends, and acting human maturity does not leave anyone indifferent. He was in his roles an expressive and precise. Many of his roles in theater and film are truly legendary. By the way Lavrov in the movie began acting in 1955 - his debut role in the movie "Vasek Trubachev and his comrades". The first major role he played in the film "the Quarrel in Lukashi" (1959). Among other well-known film actor - in films: "the Living and the dead", "distant Echo of explosion", "Love Spring", "the Brothers Karamazov", "the taming of the fire", "Trust", "Glass of water", "My tender and gentle beast", "Uncle Vanya", "the Master and Margarita", "Gangster Petersburg", "the Brothers Karamazov"... No less famous Kirill was and his public activities both in the USSR and in Russia. He was a people's Deputy of the USSR several convocations, headed the Leningrad branch of the all-Union theatrical society and the Union of theatrical figures of the USSR, together with O. Efremov head of the International Confederation of theatre unions (from 1992), was a member of the Commission on science, culture, education and information, Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS countries Until the last days of Kirill Lavrov worked hard and died April 27, 2007, was buried beside his wife at the Theological cemetery in St. Petersburg. He wore a lot of honorary titles have been awarded with different awards, but the ultimate reward is human love, respect and memory, in which it will remain one of the most revered artists. Thank you for your attention!Links to sources of information:http://www.calend.ruru.wikipedia.orghghltd.yandex.netradiovera.ru

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