проект на английском языке «Досуг мира»: «Хобби наших учителей»: учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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Свешникова Вика, Рыжова Настя (2011) Hobbies and leisure of our tea с hers We made several interviews with our teachers on the problem of their ho b bies and leisure. Most teachers are very tired of their work, checking notebooks , ma k ing plan s for the ir le s son s . There is no t ime for le isur e . But our teachers love their work. Alfia Fatihovna l ike s to travel. I t began in 1999. The most favo u rite country is Holland. She also spends a lot of time with her dog. Its name is Rich. She l ike s to look after it and play with Rich. She also enjoys p laying co m puter games. Angelica V alentinovna likes walk ing on Sundays, to the bathhouse and saun a . S he has been fond of fitness for three years and she has been play ing the piano for 6 years. It helps her to relax very much. Also she often works in the Internet. Svetlana Vladimirovna likes listening to ba rd songs, writing verses. She pr e fer s it because it is beautiful, they are clever things, and they reflect the philosophy of our life. She has been inte r ested in it for 20 years. Tatiana Vasil i ev na likes banya , ski ing, walking, reading and communicating w ith other pe o ple by e - mail . Irina Vladimirovna l ikes music and the internet. But her main hobby is co m- municating with her chi l dren . The results of our questioning are s how n i n the diagrams

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