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Discovering Celebrity Life Rostov-on-Don 2016 The first year student'sGroup №14T16Kalmykova YelizavetaTeacher: Gushcha S. K. Contents: Personal data Education Hobbies Family Living conditions Working day routine Famous works Personal data Name: Vladimir Putin Date of Birth: October 7, 1952 (63 years ) Zodiac sign: Libra Place of Birth: Leningrad Activity : statesman and political figure The weight: 77 kg Growth: 170 cm Education In the years 1960-1965 , Vladimir Putin attended the eight-year school № 193. Once enrolled in secondary school № 281 , which he graduated from in 1970 In 1970-1975 he studied at the international department of the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University Hobbies Vladimir Putin is not only interesting as a political leader, but as a person. The horizon of his favourite leisure activities is rather diverse. The political leader is engaged in martial arts, - he is a sport master in judo and sambo Engaged in hockey Fishing is one of the most favourite pastimes of Vladimir Putin. He especially appreciates fishing in Russia. Family Mother: Maria Ivanovna Father: Vladimir Spiridonovich Vladimir Vladimirovich met his future wife Lyudmila in 1980, and on July 28, 1983 they got married.Two years later they their first child — a daughter Mariawas born (before going to Germany), and a year later the second daughter — Catherine. Living conditions Since 2000, Vladimir Putin lives in the "Novo-Ogaryovo" in the suburbs. This residence, he did not release even during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. It's a luxury 19th century manor house in the English Gothic style specifically designed for the president. There is also a stable, a small church, a playground and even a helicopter house in the courtyard. In summer, the president, like many Russians, enjoys travelling to the Black seacoast - the private sector in Sochi. The head of state does not rent any lodging, - everything is ready for his rest at the residence "Bocharov Stream". Tired of the southern heat, Putin can move to the residence of "Long beards - Valdai" in the Novgorod region. Working day The president's working time is divided into blocks of 15 minutes. But he plans his working days in the months and years ahead. Putin prefers to work in Novo-Ogarevo residence, not in the Kremlin. The president is busy at the weekends, too. Sometimes he attends English classes with a visiting teacher. Famous works Thanks for attention!

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