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Saint Petersburg The 3-d year student’s Group 35 T 13 Bogomolova Alyona Teacher: Gushcha S. K. Rostov-on-Don2016 Contents: Location.Climate.Getting Around the Сity.Entertainment: a) Shopping Center «Planet Neptune»; b) Amusement park «Miracle Island».Sightseeings: a) The museum «Hermitage»; b) The famous exhibits of «Hermitage»; c) «The museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great»; d) The drawbridges in St. Petersburg.6. Catering. Location St. Petersburg is a federal city of Russia, the administrative center of the North-West Federal District. St. Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with the population over one million people. The city is located in the north-west of the Russian Federation within the Neva Lowland. Climate Getting Around the City St. Petersburg - major traffic center of northwestern Russia and the second one after Moscow. Means of transport include railway, sea and river kinds, roads and air lines. Since 1955, the city has a convenient subway. Entertainment You will not be bored in St. Petersburg. There are a huge number of entertainment establishments, such as night clubs festivals concert halls funfairs shopping centers exhibitions amusement parks circuses diving clubs On two floors of the "Planet Neptune« there are a shopping gallery with shops, supermarket, cafes, restaurants and unique city places of entertainment and recreation."Dino Park" is a theme park with amusement facilities for children.The Unique entertainment attractions "Horrors of St. Petersburg“"Trans-Force" – the virtual entertainment center in St. Petersburg. You can navigate the most famous cities of the world and even distant cosmic galaxy.Oceanarium Sightseeing St. Petersburg is the world-famous cultural center. There are 8464 objects of cultural heritage: historical and cultural monuments, including 4213 objects of cultural heritage of federal importance. There are a huge number of attractions which are known to everyone, such as the Hermitage, Kunstkamera, Peterhof, the Kazan Cathedral, St. Isaac's Cathedral and many others. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg is one of the most famous museums not only in St. Petersburg, but also throughout the world. Now the museum has a collection of more than 3 million items. If we consider every item one minute, it would take eight years to see the whole collection. It needs to walk 20 km for watching of all exposures. The number of visitors is more than three million a year. The famous exhibits of the Hermitage Throne of Peter the Great Pharaohs’ coffins of ancient Egypt The Art Gallery Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great It is the first museum in Russia, which was established by Peter the Great. The museum has a unique collection of antiques, that reveal history and way of life of many people. But for the most of visitors the museum is known for the collection of "monsters" - anatomical rarities and anomalies. Kunstkammer is the symbol of the Russian Academy of Sciences from the beginning of XVIII century. The drawbridges in St. Petersburg Drawbridges St Petersburg are visiting card of the city and were constructed according to the type of drop structures. Many tour programmes are designed specially for tourists to see the process of drawing the bridges after sunset. They are bred for three hours - from 1.30 to 4.30. However it is important to remember that the bridges in St. Petersburg bred only during navigation - from April 20 to November 10. Catering

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