Реклама на английском языке «Наша гимназия»: учитель: Бочкарёва СВ, Курган, МБОУ «Гимназия №19

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2009 Do you kno w, what school is the best school i n YAMAL? I think that such school is our Gymnasium. Our lovely school was build 10 years ago. Now this school is one of the best in YAMAL and in Russia. In these Gymnasium there are very clever, very kind , very responsible teachers , who give us good knowledge and help us in our life . As for pupils, they are very good too. Every year they take part in different creative, intellectual and sports actions and competitions and win a lot of victories . Also in ou r Gymnasium there is a big swimming pool and a large gym , the room s for lessons are very modern. And we have a great library, canteen, where you can eat good foo d , which give us much energy for our lessons. Of course, our Gymnasium gives us a very good edu cation. Y ou will be happy to study there and communicate with our teachers and pupils! And we will be happy too! Welcome to our Gymnasium! Komarova J. (10B) 2009 Would you like to visit the best school in Salekhrad? Would you like to see the wonders of modern education al system? So, you should come to our Gymnasium, and you will not worry about it! There you can find many classrooms with modern new furniture an d technical equipment. The big sports hall let s you go in for different kinds of sport. Also you ca n join some interesting clubs such as dancing, singing or drawing. Of course , this school has a big and beautiful A ssembly hall, where you can enjoy differen t concerts, take part in some contests and liste n to very useful information. Do you know that our Gymnasium is a very interesting and really magic place? In spring , when the streets are full of snow and yo u are tired of it, you can see the little rain on the second floor of our school. It i s really wonderful, isn’t it? So, there is one more very important detail: Gymnasium is the place, where you can meet a lot of marvelous people. The teachers are very kind and friendly. They will help you to get a lot of useful and interesting information. They often try to make the educational process more interesting. Most of them are amazi ng people, they will help you love this school and lessons. Pupils are very friendly and sociable persons too. They will be good fr iends for you and the will help you to solve your problems. Finally, our school will give you a lot of high - quality information and will make you an educated person, the real specialist in different spheres. Are you interested in it? So, come to our school! Nepova Mary (10A)

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