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The State Vocational College of Advertising, Service & Tourism «Socrat»«CITY BUS TOUR about ROSTOV-on-Don»Rostov-on-Don2014The 2-nd year student’sgroup № 22-T9Ostryanskaya Anastasia Teacher: Gushcha S.K. Tourist RouteRostov-on-DonTaganrogAzovNovocherkasskStarocherkasskRostov-on-DonTour dates: May 20-22( 2014) Start of the routeThe route starts in Rostov-on-Don. Tourists gather at the Theatre Square at 10:00 am, on 20-th,May. They depart from Rostov at 11:00 am. The Theatre Square is the center of Rostov-on-Don and it is easy to get to. At the beginning of the tour the tour guide gives some safety tips during the bus tour. Then the tourists will put their luggage into the baggage compartment. The bus is the 2nd class comfort with air conditioning and TV-set. The first Stop is taganrog town Taganrog – A Town by the sea The native town of a famous Russian writer A.P. Chekhov Taganrog is located on the shore of the Taganrog Bay at the Azov Sea.During our tour about Taganrog you will have the opportunity to visit places associated with the writer’s name, to stroll along the embankment, to walk up the legendary stone stairway.This trip will take 4,5 hours. And then you’ll have a meal at the local restaurant. Welcome to Taganrog It’s the most famous stairwayin the south of Russia. Anotherstairways are in Ukraine and inOdessa.This stairway was built by Gerasim Depaldo in 1823. It’s Made of stone.The first stopThe stone stairway Chekhov's Housemonument to ChekhovChekhov’s gymnasiumOther stopsChekhov’s Memorial places The second stop -town of Azov Azov – the symbol of the don cossacks’ gloryThe history of Azov is 900 years long. For the Russian people this town is a symbol of the Cossacks’ Life.We’ll take a bus tour about this town, the duration is 3 hours. It will be a tour of the town with 3 stops. Azov is worth seeing. Up to present days the town keeps the interesting monuments of war arts: Alekseevsky gates, Powder magazine. The Local Lore Museum is devoted to the history of the town, it houses 240,000 exhibits and the most amazing one is the world’s largest elephant skeleton. Welcome to Azov View of Azov The Monument to Peter the Great was built in 1996.The firs stop The 2nd stop The powder magazine. It was built in 1799. There are war supplies. It was built because Peter the First wanted to take the Turkish fortress in 1696. Next to the powder magazine there are some old stone buildings The third stopThe Local Lore Museum.This museum has many Exhibits. The Local Lore Museum is devoted to the history of the town, it owns 240,000 unique exhibits and the world’s largest elephant skeleton the third stop is Novocherkassk Novocherkassk – the cossacks’ capitalThe tour lasts 5 hours. Visit to the residence of the Don commanders of the 19th century, Ataman Palace and the third tallest cathedral in Russia. You will visit the only museum of the Don Cossacks in the world. In Palace Street you will learn about the tragic events of 1962 when the citizens were killed while fighting for their human rights. In Novocherkassk we offer to visit the Don Cossack Cadet Corps, the Museum of History of the Don Cossack, Ataman Palace Museum , the house-museum of the artist I.I Krylov. It will be a tour around the town including 2 stops. Welcome to Novocherkassk. The Voznesensky CathedralThe Voznesensky Cathedral isa Christian church. It is the main church of the Don Cossacks and one of the greatest churches in Russia. It is the third largest church building in Russia and the great historical monument of the Don CossacksThe first stop The Historical Museum of The Don Cossacks.This museum has a very convenientposition, being located on theintersection of two streets. The Historical Museum of Don Cossacks has a unique collection. It is the only museum of the Don Cossacks in Russia.It was opened in 1899.The 2nd stop The fourth town is Starocherkassk Starocherkassk – «The Don pearl»The tour lasts 5 hours.During the walking trip along the ancient streets of Starocherkassk you’ll feel like the life has stopped. The Cathedral Square, the Maidan, the Cossack House…The way of rural life will take you back about 300 years ago. The events (Razin’s, Pugachev’s and Bulavin’s revolts) began in this town. You will have an excursion to the Voskresensky Cathedral and also you’ll find out the Cossacks’ traditions. The Voskresensky CathedralThe first stopThe Voskresensky Cathedral is a real “snow white pearl” of Starocherkassk. It is the first stone church in Rostov region.This cathedral is the historical symbol of this town. A real Cossack isa free man. Their history is very rich and old. The Don Cossacks are the most bold and warlike people on earth. Of course, their culture, customs and traditions are very colorful, rich and very exciting.The 2nd stopThe Cossacks’ traditions The beautiful view of Starocherkassk Rostov-on-Don in the eveningAfter visiting the towns which symbolize the Don region , we’ll go back to Rostov-on-Don (6 pm ). The guests will have an evening bus tour about Rostov-on-Don, without any stops. The tour guide will tell the history of the city, its main attractions and local people’s habits. But before this tour the guests will be taken to the restaurant of Cossacks’ kitchen. And at 8:00 pm they will be transferred to the embankment. Some facts about RostovRostov-on-Don is one of the largest cities in the southern Russia, that stretched along the right bank of the affluent river, not far from its estuary. The city’s official history accounts over two and half centuries.The history of Rostov-on-Don’s transformation into one of the largest cities in the South of Russia is dynamic: it took less than a hundred years from formal acknowledgement of Rostov as a city (1806) to the period of its intensive growth and development (1880-1900).But long before that, in 1749 based on Empress Elisabeth Petrovna’s order, Temernitskaya Customs House was established in the site of the present-day Rostov. Since then, the city’s history has started.Rostov is called «The Gates to the South» as the Don waterway is the border between Europe and Asia. Welcome to Rostov-on-Don. A Wonderful Evening viewThe City Embankment One of the largest churches in Rostov-on-Don. Rostov Musical TheatreThis theater is one of the largest modern musical theaters in the south of Russia. informationabout the tourName of the tour is «A city bus tour about Rostov-on-Don».You will visit Taganrog, Azov, Novocherkassk, Starocherkassk, Rostov-n-Don. (destination)Out date is May 20th. Return date is May 22ndSpending night in the towns (Taganrog, Novocherkask)Stops while the tour from town to town every two hours3 meals a dayBus is the 2nd class comfort, with air conditioning and TY-setAccommodation in hotels. Hotel is 1 starTotal price for the tour is 5000 rubles (per person)Method of payment (by credit card or give to a tourist company) Rostov region at a glance list of used literatureInternet resources:http://taganinfo.narod.ru/dostoprimechatelnosti.htmlhttp://autotravel.ru/excite.php/227/1http://www.novochgrad.ru/texts/sights/http://autotravel.ru/excite.php/229/1www.reina-tour.ruBook resources: «English for International Tourism» ( Iwonna Dubicka, Margaret O’Keeffe); «From the south to the capital of the Cossack village» (Reina-tour). Thank you for your attention!

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