презентация на английском языке «Спорт» (Салехард, 2010).

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Why do we need sport?
If you go in for sport you will have a healthy mind and a healthy body. It teaches you to be alive.
It makes you strong and teaches you to be disciplined. Also sport builds our character.Sport helps people to be good friends. Sport helps to meet new friends!

Now days there are different kinds of sport: basket-ball, volley-ball, foot-ball, skiing, riding a bicycle…

style.rotation …snowboarding, skateboarding, roller skating and so on.Dancing – is a kind of sport too.

We know different famous sportsmen. They are:Eugenie Plutschenko, Andrei Arshavin, Aleksey Yagudin, Ronaldinio…

style.rotation But what do you know about the history of sport?
Ancient Olympic Games were started Greece in Olympia in 884 B.C. and ended in 394 A.C.TODAY Olympic Games take place every 4 years.
The symbol of the Olympic movement- is peace. The Olympic flame was invented in 1934 by the International Olympic committee. THE Olympic anthem was created in Athens in 1896 by Greek composer Spyri don Samaras.In the Olympic flag you can see colorful rings. 5 rings symbolize one of the 5 continents. Blue represents Europe, black- Africa, red- America, yellow - Asia, green-Oceania.
Sport – is very useful!!!Do it every day!!!

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