Тестовая работа по английскому языку

на отработку времен английского языка в 5 классе
Present Simple и Past Simple
1.I (to live) in Moscow.
2.The flowers (to grow) very well last year.
a) grow
b) grew
c) grown
3.He (to dance)very well.
a) dance
b) dances
c) danced
4.He (to buy) a car.
a) bought
b) buy
c) buys
5.Mary often (to play) the piano.
a) play
b) plays
c) played
6.She (to know) him very well.
a) knew
b) known
c) know
7.They usually (to spend) summer holidays in the country.
a) spends
b) spend
c) spent
8. Mark (to get) up at 9 o,clock yesterday.
a) got
b) get
c) gets
9.When do you usually (to get) up?
a) get
b) gots
c) get
10.Olga (to like) concert.
a) liked
b) like
c) likes
11.We do (to like) coffee.
a) not like
b) not like
c) not likes
12.What did you (to do) yesterday?
a) done
b) do
c) did
13We did (to know) anything about that envent.
not knew
not know
not knows

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