тест по англ.яз 5 класс (углубленка)

1.Choose the right form of the pronoun:
Alice is (my, mine, me) little sister. (She, Her, Hers) is five.
I am not sure I understand (he, him, his).
I think (he, his, himself) has not seen (they, them, their).
This is my book, where is (you, your, yours)?
My father looked at (him, his, himself) car.
Bob and Tim are (my, mine, me) brothers. (They, Them, Their) live in England.
I don’t know if she understood (he, him , his).
Bob thinks (he, his, himself) has not seen (they, them, their).
This is your car, where is (your, he, yours).
I agree with (me, myself, my).
2. Choose the correct item:
1) I ask them why……late. a) you b) you are c) are you
2) Mother asks her…….some fruits. a)buy b) to buy c) buys
3) He likes either meat …….fish. a) and b) or c) nor
4) The teacher asks me………. write a dictation. a) don’t b) not c) not to
5) Jerry asked………….. snow the next week. a) will it b) if it will c) if it would
6) ………. lives in Naberezhnye Chelny? a) Which? b) Who? c) What?
B. 1. Read the text and say true or false:
A clever answer.
A rich American travelled all over the world with his family. One day he came with his children to Great Britain. They went to different places and the American always bought them something they liked and asked for. One day they came to the English Zoo. His sons were bad children. They ran, jumped and cried loudly and frightened animals all day. They also gave food to the animals. In the evening they told their father, “ We like the Zoo. Buy it for us!” The American asked the Zookeeper, “ How much does the Zoo cost? My children like it very much. I want to buy the Zoo”, “ We are not going to sell it, but we can buy children for the Zoo”,- was the answer.
1. The Italian family came to the British cinema.
2. The children asked mother to buy the Zoo.
3. In the Zoo the children ran , cried and frightened animals.
4. The Zookeeper did not sell the Zoo.

2. Translate from Russia into English:
1.Если у нас будет хороший продавец, мы купим это платье.
2.Соревнования начнутся, когда перестанет снег.
3. Если я буду чувствовать себя хорошо , я пойду играть в футбол.
4. Когда они придут, мы пойдем в зоопарк.
5.Когда мы придем в зоопарк, мы будем смотреть животных.
6.Если мама будет дома, мы вместе позавтракаем.
7. Когда я сделаю уроки, я буду смотреть телевизор .С. Вы в магазине( тип выберите сами). Составьте диалог с продавцом ( по 6 реплик на каждого: продавец и покупатель),

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