Презентация к сценарию урока по теме «Покупки». Задание С 4 ЕГЭ

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ShoppingTypes of shopping ShoppingTraditional to visit shopsto buy in / from shopsto purchase in / from shopsto do the shopping to go shopping for (food, clothes, etc) Online on websitesvia the Interneton the Interneton the computer Traditional places for shoppingShopping centreShopping mallShopping precinctDepartment storeCorner shopOutletSupermarketStreet market Types of shops ‘Shop’ Vocabulary People selling and buyingshopkeeperownermanagershopperbuyercustomerpurchasersellershop assistantsales assistantNounstrolleyvarietychoice, selectionhelp, assistance(social) eventlikelihoodtransaction  ‘Shop’ VerbsTrade, sell, sell out, sell off, buy, purchase, shop, book, order, pay, deliver, carry, touch, feel, try on, spend, waste, browse, survive, provide, ask for (help), get rid off ( stress) Adjectives / Other wordsAdjectives availablepolitefriendlyhelpfulsocialpersonal (touch)broad= widefierce ( competition)responsible ( job) Other wordsin stock ≠out of stocklikely to Positive things Traditional shoppinga social event a friendlier environmentsales assistant’s helpOnline shoppingbroader varietiesdeliveries to the doorcheaper prices Negative thingsTraditional shoppingTime consumingExhaustion Risk to spend too muchOnline shoppingDifficulties to change goodsNo possibility to try things on, touch or smell (eg: perfume)Risk to buy defective goods Quiz http://www.esolcourses.com/content/lifeintheuk/shopping/london-shopping-quiz.html Special services in the Westfield Shopping Centre Personal shopper – a person whose job is to give advice and make suggestions to customers. They are often employed by department stores and boutiques (although some are freelance or work exclusively online)Valet parking – vehicles are parked for customers by a person called a valet. Concierge services – concierge consultants can fulfill every request and requirement of a shopper in the shopping centre Good points of the Westfield Shopping Centre convenient location easiness of getting there by public transportis really for everyone ( combines high street shops and exclusive brand shops) an amazing glass roof giving the feeling of being outside, still under shelter in case of rain;availability of a hands—free shopping service, a valet parking, a concierge serviceover 50 places to eat Picture comparison give a brief description of the photos (action, location) say what the pictures have in common say in what way the pictures are different say which of the ways of shopping presented in the pictures you’d prefer explain why Action / LocationThe photos show the ways of shopping. In the photographs there is buying things online and in a traditional supermarket.We can see somebody ordering or have ordered things on a website being at home or in the office in one picture and the woman choosing vegetables in the supermarket in the other one. Similarities One thing the photographs have in common is a trolley for putting purchases.Another similar thing is the way of payment. It doesn’t matter which shop you use, a real or a virtual one, you can pay with a card.Both of them introduce the possibilities of choosing what to buy. DifferencesYou carry your shopping in a carrier bag when you visit the supermarket. By online shopping you have the goods brought to your home. There aren’t any people in one picture whereas we can see a customer shopping in the supermarket in the other one. Unlike the website, you can see, touch and smell the products in the supermarket.Internet shopping is usually cheaper.Most shops aren’t open 24 hours a day. I’d prefer traditional shopping to shopping online… ( I see it as a means of taking down stress and raising my spirits).I like trying things on and choosing what suits me best.  I would like to rely on shop assistant’s help.shopping on websites to visiting real shops. I like doing it in comfort without being distracted. I can’t bear standing a queue at the cash desk.Neither would I like to carry heavy carrier bags to my home. FeedbackWhat do you find most difficult in the task of comparison and contrasting?What did you find useful in this lesson?What was useless or at least not very helpful?What new things did you learn in class?

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