Презентатсия к уроку английского языка в 9 классе по теме реадинг. Wхы нот учител английского языка штулберг т.ю

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ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИЯ К УРОКУ АНГЛИЙСКОГО ЯЗЫКА В 9 КЛАССЕ ПО ТЕМЕ: «Reading…? Why not?» УМК В.П.Кузовлев.Английский язык. 9 класс. Text Interpretation «Ruthless» after W.de.Mille A SUMMARY Start your summary with an introductory sentence! ( I am going to analyze a story, an episode, a passage, a chapter, an extract, a piece of fiction from…) Can you state the theme of the story in a single sentence? He that hatches matches hatches catches.Не рой другому яму, сам попадёшь. RUTHLESS(a person who has no…) THE TITLEThe title of the text is…to throw light on the textto give clues to…to be closely connected with…to catch and hold the reader’s interestLooking at the title I can guess (anticipate)… THE AUTHORThe text is written by…Judging by the text we can say that…to keep the reader in suspense…to give a very detailed and precise description of…to raise the problem…to offer food for thoughtto explore the complexity of human characterto convey one’s mental (psychological) conditionto touch upon the problem…to describe characters life-like, with understanding… THE TYPE OF THE STORY THE PLOT. THE SETTING (the time and the place of the action)well-constructed, skillfully-developedeffectively arrangedThe action starts in…and develops in…to develop gradually, logically, step by stepis based on…to centre on the eventsto contain emotional, moral conflictsto observe human nature, behaviorthe plot is vivid… the point of the greatest intensity is…to slide down smoothly into the contentto create convincing imagesthe atmosphere of…is conveyed by the plotthe turn of events is…in the story THE MAIN CHARACTERSto be clearly labeled as good or badto be a very controversial person (prove!)to have a complicated…personalityto be a man of marked individualityto be a monster of evilto be haunted by…to nurse (experience) a sense of …to be kindness/patience/sincerity itselfto be opposed to/contrasted with…… to prevail in the characterto justify the character’s behaviorto be portrayed/depicted/presented/conveyed/revealed/ characterized/classified A graphic organizerOrganize the information about Judson’s/Helen’s behavior. Judson ________ Helen what he _______ what she did-felt-said _____ did-felt-said“The only way of getting rid of a thief is to kill him. If a man robs me of five dollars it is the same as if he took a hundred. A thief is a thief.”“Don’t do it, Judson!” she cried. “It is horrible, it’s murder, the law doesn’t punish burglary by death, what right have you?”“When it comes to protecting my property, I make my own laws. I have made my money by taking risks.” GUESS GAMECharacters like all people have both positive and negative traits of character… THEMES AND IDEASThe message the author wants to bring home to the reader…The lesson to be learned from this story…The value of human life…Not to do harm to…To give a greater understanding of life PERSONAL APPRECIATIONto appeal to…to stir one’s soulto arouse one’s interestto make think about the problems of great importanceto help to look at yourself, friends, society from different angleto produce (make) a special impression on somebodyto find some themes especially exciting, breathtakingto gain a lot by reading HOME WORKTo write a detailed analysis of the text “Ruthless”.Write a continuation of the story.Imagine that you are Helen. Write a letter to your mother telling her what you think of the situation. Thank you for the lesson!Презентация выполнена учителеманглийского языка Штульберг Т.Ю. ИСПОЛЬЗОВАННАЯ ЛИТЕРАТУРА: Мясникова Н.А. «Читаем, говорим и пишем по-английски». Минск, «Народная Асвета», 1992 г. Ю.Э.Левицкая, Е.Ю.Зубец, О.В.Позднеева. Английский язык. Сборник заданий по работе с текстом. Издательство «Экзамен». Москва. 2006г.

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