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Презентация к уроку: THE HOTEL STAFFдля студентов 2 курса 43.02.10 Туризм Подготовила Преподаватель иностранного языка ГБПОУ «Санкт-Петербургский технический колледж» г.Санкт-ПетербургФедянина Марина Викторовна Цели занятия Познакомить с новой лексикой: названия должностей в гостинице;Учиться высказывать свое мнение;Развивать лексические навыки;Воспитывать интерес к будущей профессии. Hotel administrations ACCOUNTANT HOTEL MANAGER MARKETING MANAGER THE HOTEL STAFF CHAMBERMAIDE CONCIERGE PORTER RECEPTIONIST THE STAFF OF THE RESTAURANT AND THE BAR BARTENDER WAITER WAITRESS COOK MATCH THE JOBS WITH THE DUTIES a/ RECEPTIONIST b/ WAITER c/ PORTER d/ ACCOUNTANT e/ CONCIERGE 1.He helps guests with their luggage 2.He gives information and helps guests. 3.She`s responsible for taking bookings and checking guests in and out. 4. She`s responsible for finances of the hotel. 5.He works long hours and serves food. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a hotel? Advantages Meet lots of people It is interesting Fast-growing industry Exciting career Paid sick leave and holidays Free food and holiday Free or cheap accommodation Disadvantages Hours are long especially peak season Usually work at the weekends Hard work Seven days a week Guests may be difficult Reading “My job” Listening Listen and answer the questions. How many days a week does she work? How often does she work at the weekend? When does she have some free time? What hours does she sometimes work on Mondays? Listen to Darina and complete the notes. She`s responsible for _______to______ chambermaids. One of her main duties is to _______new staff. She has a bleeper so that people______ _______her. 4. After the chambermaids have cleaned the rooms, she ______that everything is OK. Tell us about Anthony Grey. Name: Anthony Grey Job: Assistant Concierge Length of service: 2 years. Duties: Greet guests at door, sometimes collect guests and luggage from airport. What I like: Meeting all kinds of people, making friends very important, job gives me plenty of opportunity to do that. Tell us about James Borras. Name: James Borras Job: Head Waiter Length of service: 3 years. Duties: Serve food and drink to guests, train new staff. What I like: The variety of work. I look forward to every new day at the resort. Dialogue 1. 1.Hello, Reception. What can I do for you? 2. I`d like to book a room. 1. When for? 2. From the 17th to the 20th of October. 1. OK, What kind of room would you like? 2. I`d like a suit. How much is it? 1. It`s $100 per night. 2. That`s fine. 1. What is your name, please? 2. My name is Mary Greenland. 1. Well, Mary Greenland, your room is 305. We are waiting for you on the 17th of October. 2. Oh, my train arrives very late. 1. Don`t worry, we`ll hold the room until midnight. 1. Good afternoon, can I help you? 2. Yes, please. Do you have any rooms? 1. Yes, we do. What kind of room would you like? 2. A room for two persons and a child. We are three. Is it possible? 1. Well, I can offer you a double room with an extra bed for a child. 2. That`s great. 1. How long would you like to stay? 2. For three nights. 1. That`s OK. Could I have your names, please? 2. Sure. We are Mr and Mrs Christie. 1. Let me see your passports, please. 2. Here they are. 1. Well, Mr and Mrs Christie , your room number is 478. It`s on the fourth floor. Here is your key. 2. Thank you. 1. This way, please. Enjoy your stay. Dialogue 2. Список использованных печатных источников: 1. English for international tourism. Pre-intermediate students’ book. Iwonna Dubicka. Margaret O’Keeffe.Интернет-ресурсы:1. http://www.careeroverview.com/hotel-lodging-management-careers.html

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