My favourite subject at school

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Выполнила: Ахметшина Эльмира, ученица 5 «б» классаРуководитель: Курбанова Ю. Г., учитель английского языка 2011Красноуральск, МОУ СОШ №6My favourite subject at school Dear Helen,How are you? I am fine.I go to school every day and enjoy my school life. Studying at school is a real fun! My favourite subject at school is PE.

Hooray! I’ll have Physical Education tomorrow.I have everything for my lessons: a T-shirt, sports trousers and trainers.
Not all pupils in my class like Physical Education. But sport is important and we go to the lesson. We start our lesson with running. Then we do different exercises.
We skip fifty times, play football and basketball. We do special exercises and get ready for competitions. I and my friends take part in different competitions and get the first places.
This is my favourite teacher. His name is Gennady Mikhailovich. He is very kind and funny.
When the lesson finishes, I am sad. I’ll wait for the next lesson because sport is great!Write me about your favourite subject soon.Love, Elmira.

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