Презентация к уроку английского языка 4 класс по теме «Степени сравнения прилагательных. Обобщающий урок. «

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«Степени сравнения прилагательных»Презентация к уроку английского языка в 4 классе.Выполнил: Кравченко Сергей Владимирович, учитель иностранного языка МБОУ - СОШ №8, г. Клинцы Answer the questions Which is longer?Which is shorter? style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderlinerstyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderliner Who is bigger?Who is smaller? style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderlinestyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline Who is older?Who is younger? style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderlinestyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline Who is faster?Who is slower? style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderlinestyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline Which season is colder?Which season is warmer?style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderlinerstyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderliner Name the seasons of the year:WinterSpringAutumnSummer

This is the seasonWhen mornings are dark, And birds do not sing In forests and parks This is the season When children ski And Father Frost Brings a New Year-Tree(Winter)style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline
When noisy and happy And brown by the sun With their books and bags To school they run(Spring)style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline
This is the seasonWhen fruit is sweet,This is the seasonWhen school-friends meet(Autumn)style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline
This is the seasonWhen nights are shortAnd children have plentyOf fun and sport.Boating, swimmingAll the day,With a merry songOn a sunny day(Summer)style.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline
Degrees of comparison
We all live in the Russian Federation. Let’s remember what cities do you know?

MurmanskSochiOpen the brackets and name the city.The (cold) winter is in …..The (warm) winter is in …..Winter is (cold) in …. than in Bryansk.The coldest winter is in Murmansk.The warmest winter is in Sochi.Winter is colder in Murmansk than in Bryansk.BryanskThe right answers:

MurmanskSochiOpen the brackets and name the city.The (hot) summer is in …..The (cold) summer is in …..Summer is (hot) in ….. than in Bryansk.The hottest summer is in Sochi.The coldest summer is in Murmansk.Summer is hotter in Sochi than in Bryansk.BryanskThe right answers:

What is the nicest?The villageThe city
In the city the houses are But in the village the houses areThe villageThe cityhigher.nicer.highnice

Math is the (difficult) subject.My father is (tall) than my mother.I am the (young) in our family.History is (interesting) than biology.Summer is the (hot) season.February is the (short) month of the year.Open the brackets. Math is the most difficult subject.My father is taller than my mother.I am the youngest in our family.History is more interesting than biology.Summer is the hottest season.February is the shortest month of the year.The right answers: No mistakes – 1 or 2 mistakes – 3 or 4 mistakes – More mistakes – The 23456789876456987 543Try it again «Спасибо за внимание»Выполнил: Кравченко Сергей Владимирович, учитель иностранного языка МБОУ - СОШ №8, г. Клинцы

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