Проект на тему на тему школная форма

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completed the 10th grade student Victoria Dorofeeva School survey A school uniform of a secondary school for students with the academic year during 1975-1976 in the USSR. This form are students in China I conducted a survey at our school.I asked questions to the students and their parents.Opinions are divided. The first question was:What should be school uniforms?The response of pupils:In school we have to wear what you want school uniform we don't likeThe response of parents:Our children have to wear school uniform,because our children can walk home in jeans and t-shirts to school but must walk in the form,this is mandatory. The second question: what are the pros and cons you see in school uniform?Students: School uniforms are not comfortable and we get bored every day and to goes in one and too.We want diversityParents:School uniform is very beautiful,but if the children shall walk in all bright they will not be like the disciples Here's school uniform in our school What do I think of the school uniform? I am against the idea that the school uniform is introduced at my school. Firstly it is uncomfortable, since in our country the autumn, winter, and spring are different as seasons. Secondly the school form is only valid for wearing at school, and it is useless otherwise. Lastly, it is also quite expensive to buy school form each year. Of course everything depends on the fabric, but in case of school uniforms it is often of a bad quality. Students spend many hours a day at school, and wearing uncomfortable or unpleasant clothes can be quite disturbing. Thank you for attention!!!

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