викторина в 4 классе по теме «Schoollife»

викторина в 4 классе по теме "Schoollife" автор составитель учитель английского языка Пименова Наталья Викторовна Riddles ( Загадки ) 1. I ’ m black, and red, and blue . I draw everything for you. What is it? 2. It has no mouth but it speaks. It is not a tree but it has leaves. It is not a man but it can be a good friend. What is it? 3. I don ’ t know the ABC. But I ’ m writing As you see. What is it? 4. If you want To draw a straight line, Make use of me, For this business is mine. What is it? Guess subjects. 5. At this lesson you read texts, speak, ask and answer questions, play games , not in Russian 6 . At this lesson you draw and paint. You have papers and pencils, a brush and a rubber. 7 . At this lesson you write in your exercise-book, count and do the sums. 8 . At this lesson we learn how to use computers. 9 . At this lesson you don ’ t read and write. You ru n, jump in the Gym 10 . You can sing different songs at this lesson. 11. At this lesson we read books and learn poems. The Game “ Jumbled Words” 1. cnpeli 2. lerur 3. eslons 4. rerbubr 5. lohcos Choose the right variant: 1. I go to school with my friend/ my teacher. 2. I draw with a pencil/ a ruler. 3. I write with a pen/ a rubber. 4. I write in my book/ my exercise-book. 5. I sit on a chair/ on a desk. 6. Look at our uniform/ timetable! There are a lot of new subjects. Gi ve the English equivalents for the following. Я люблю ходить в школу. Мой любимый предмет – информатика. На уроке физкультуры мы бегаем , пры гаем и играем. В понедельник у меня 6 уроков. Я хожу в школу каждый день. Fill in these school rules with modal verb s must/mustn't, may/ may not, have to. 1. We....go to school on Sunday. 2. We.... be late to school. 3. .... I come in, please? 4. You .... use mobile phone. 5. You ... be on time tomorrow. 6. You .... be polite and friendly. 7. You... do your homework yes terday. True or False. In Russia children go to school on the 2nd of October. Russian children go to school at the age of 9. Russian children have holidays in autumn, winter, spring and summer. The longest holidays are in winter. Lessons start at 10 o' clock and are over at 16 o'clock.

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