Рабочы и колкхознитса-1

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Project by: Alexandre VishnevskayaTutor: Sharapova Anna A.Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Worker and Kolkhoz Woman  is a famous landmark of monumental art, that represents a  sculpture of two figures with a sickle and a hammer raised over their heads. It is 24.5 meters high, made from stainless steel by Vera Mukhina for the1937 World's Fair in Paris. When the statue was back to Moscow, it was put on a low pedestal but later it was reconstructed. The restored statue uses a pavilion at VDNKh as its pedestal, its height is 34.5 meters (the old pedestal was 10 meters tall) . The statue is there until the very day and I think everybody should see this incredible statue!Thank you for your attention!

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