Why is the book «Robinson Crusoe» still popular today?

Why is the book «Robinson Crusoe» still popular today?
I have read the book «Robinson Crusoe» by Daniel Defoe lately. It impressed me very much. My great-grandmother, grandmother and my mother read it when they were young. Why is this book read and loved by different generations? Maybe, it has its own secret.
First of all, this book teaches us to survive in difficult conditions. It describes how Robinson Crusoe suffers from loneliness. The book is full of feelings. Many people advise to read this book in order to learn how to overcome loneliness. This book teaches us to adapt to difficulties in life in an effort to provide for ourselves the necessities of life. Robinson remembers his former life and turns to reading the Bible which he was able to take to the ship.
Literature has a lot of examples of what people can do using strong will and dedication. None of the difficulties could break down the character of Robinson. He has won the circumstances and overcome them. The strong character of Robinson is one of the best features of humanity. People should not be afraid of difficulties. This thought is the conclusion of the book «Robinson Crusoe». That is why the story of a common sailor who thanks to the hard work and strong character could survive and overcome the difficulties makes this book remarkable. An example of Robinson is not only typical for a desert island but also for everyday live. «Evil» is the cause of all troubles, «Good» always brings wonders in life and gives joy to people. This book teaches people to be wise.To sum up, I would like to say that the book «Robinson Crusoe» can be called the encyclopedia of survival. That’s why it is still popular today. I think the main idea of this book can be expressed in such words:
Be optimistic and don’t give in
And in this case you will surely win!
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