Контрольная работа по чтению для учащихся 5 класса (2 четверть) с углубленным изучением английского языка

5 класс (2 четверть) Афанасьева
Reading comprehension
№ 1.You are going to read the story “Healthy Henry”. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A-H for each part 1-7 of the extract. There is one heading which you do not need to use.
Healthy Henry
1. Henry works in an office in town. He is a healthy freak. He wants to live to be a hundred, so health is very important to him.
2. He gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning. For breakfast he eats spinach and eggs with garlic and chili pepper. Then he runs for an hour in the park, even if the weather is bad.
3. He leaves for work at 7 o’clock. He never goes by bus or by train and he thinks that cars are very dangerous. So he walks everywhere – with a mask over his nose and mouth. He also wears a uniform to protect himself.
4. At the office he washes his hands ten times a day and he wears gloves. He takes his lunch to work with him. He eats fifteen sunflower seeds and one onion. He is sure the lunch at the firm isn’t good for him.
5. After work he runs home to water the plants. He has hundreds of plants because they provide oxygen. In the evening he sometimes listens to the radio, but he never watches TV because it is very bad for his eyes.
6. On Monday he goes to the swimming pool and on Thursday he goes to a vegetarian cookery class. He sometimes goes to the theater. At the weekend he goes camping in the country, but he never sits in the sun.
7. He goes to bed early. In summer he sleeps in a tent in the garden. On the first day of every month he goes to the doctor’s just to make he isn’t ill. After all, he doesn’t want to find himself in hospital.
A. Going to foot
B. Regular visits
C. A long life
D. Love for plants
E. His free time
F. First actions
G. Healthy evenings
H. Useful food
№2. Read the text again and choose the right item (TRUE\ FALSE\NOT SAID)
The man lives in the country.
The man wants to live 1000 years old.
He is 32.
For breakfast he eats only healthy food.
Henry runs in the park every day.
Henry wears white long gloves at the office.
Henry goes home by buses after work.
He sometimes goes to the theater in his free time.
The man has a lot of plants in the garden.
He often goes to the doctor.

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