Проверочный лексический тест по английскому языку (профессиональный модуль) для специальностей экономического профиля

1. Match two colomns
1. shareholdera. акция
2. interest b. издержки
3. top-managementc. внутренний рынок
4. the board of directorsd. общество с ограниченной ответственностью
5. capitale. фондовая биржа
6. soleproprietorshipf. открыть, учредить компанию
7. liability company g. процент
8. to competeh. покрывать расходы
9. stock exchangei. Высший менеджмент
10. domestic marketj. капитал
11. to cover the expensesk. акционер
12. costsl. Совет директоров
13. share/stockm. конкурировать
14. to start up a companyn. индивидуальный предприниматель
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
2. Match the definition with the appropriate word
a.a group of people elected to represent the interests of the shareholders and to perform main functions in the day-to-day management of the comnany
b. organazied and regulated financial market where the securities (shares, bonds , notes) are bought and sold at prices governed by the force of demand and suply.
c. legal procedure of liquidating the company wich cannot fully pay its debts.
d. a duty or obligaton to pay money, deliver goods atc.
e. a person or a company youare competing with.
f. a fee paid for the use of another person’s money.
g. a higher ranking officer in a firm’s board of directors.
h. legal obligations of a person or an organisation.
i. all the propities that a company possesses.
j. a person who is engaged in business.
k. to meet all the customer’s needs.

stock exchangeassetsentrepreneurto satisfy all the customers
the board of directorsliabilitieschairman
3. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word
liquidate compete assetsshareholders
bankruptcydomestic market debtschairman
1. In case of bankruptcy the manager decides to …. his business.
2. If a company has a lot of … all her … are sold out in order to pay off the dividends and the liabilities of the company.
3. Mr. Rodriges is a … of the board of directors in our company. He is a very responsible person.
4. All the … are paid off the dividends.
5. Our company cannot … at the … … where all the customers have a great variety of products.
4 Translate the text into Russian
Woman’s Place in Management
Bad news for female managers. Their subordinates resent being disciplined
by them. Men and women alike would far rather be scolded by a male boss
than a female one. Indeed, a study of gender and discipline at work, by Leanne
Atwater, a professor at the school of Management at Arizona State University,
and two colleagues, finds that women dislike being told off by another woman
even more than men do.
Many studies of male and female have claimed that the sexes differ in their
styles of leadership: women do better at the people’s side, men at the gettingthe-
job-done side. Sociologists have studied the different reactions of girls and
boys to discipline at school: boys get used to being reprimanded whereas girls,
who are more rarely rebuked, take it more personally. But nobody seems to
have studied discipline and gender at work.

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