Проверочный тест по английскому языку (профессиональной модуль)

1. Match two colomns
1. courta. быть приговоренным
2. defendant b. судебное разбирательство, тяжба
3. trialc. истец
4. punishmentd. малолетний преступник
5. capital punishmente. невиновный
6. victimf.смертная казнь
7. challangerg. подозреваемый
8. to break the lawh. нарушить закон
9. to be sentenced toi. ответчик
10. juvenile offender j. жертва
11. innocentk. наказание
12. to commit a crimel. суд
13. in favourm. совершить преступление
14. suspectn. в пользу
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
2. Match the definition with the appropriate word
a. to give an oath and to tell what you have seen at the scene of the crime.
b. illegal actions that break the law.
c. a person who was at the scene of a crime.
d. to be found guilty for a minor crime and to stay under the control of police over some period of time.
e. to sue in a appropriate court for your case to be reviewed.
f. a system of laws that controls the investigation of serious crimes such as murder, burglary, fraud etc.
g. under this principle a suspest is considered to be innocent tillthe moment his guilt is proved.
h. the most serious punishment such as injection, hanging, shootong, stoning etc.
i. a person who is supposed to be guilty.
j. a lawyer who has the right to represent a defendant in the court.
k. a person who has aspecial qualification for handling cases and consultations for his clients.
l. a legal proceeding that is heard in the court.
m. a lawyer who consults a client and prepares documents for the court.
n. the highest court in a jurisdiction, the court of last resort.

presumption of innocencesuspect probation/suspended sentence
criminal lawsupreme courtwitness to appeal against
caselawyerto testify barrister
capital punishmentsolicitorcrime
3. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word
broke the law right to work civil law
handles a casepresumption of innocenceguilty
testifiedsuspended sentencejuvenile offender
1. The suspect was found … and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.
2. Every citizen in our country has … … under the Constitution.
3. He … that he had not been at the scene of the crime.
4. When Mike was 18-year-old boy once he … … and was sentenced to … …for over 1 year.
5. Under … … you are found guilty only if your guilt is proven.
6. … … a system of laws a state or a nation dealing with the rights of private citizens.
7. Mr. Gradsby is my lawyer who … … concerning the burglary.
8. … Vlasov! Stand up! You are found guilty and are sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.
9. There are a lot of … … in our country Who breaks he law in order to have money and food.
4. Translate into Russian
1. The case was sent for trial at the Crown Court.
2. Under the terms of thecontract the offeror (продавец) is responsible for for transportation.
3. She appealed against the verdict of the court.
4. The judge sentenced him to a life imprisonment.
5. The Parliament is the main legeslative organ of power.
6. he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
7. this woman is a fraud. She is not a real doctor, she has nor got a qualification of doctor.
8. Tha accused woman was found innnocent and discharged.
9. He was accusef of forgery of medecines.
10. A solicitor is a lawyer who prepares legal documents.
5 Translate the text into Russian
Illegal Marketing of Drugs: Pfizer’s Record Fine
The world’s largest drug company has agreed to pay almost two and a half billion dollars for illegal marketing of medicines. The settlement between Pfizer and the United States Justice Department was announced in September.
The settlement is the nation’s largest ever in a case of health care fraud. It also includes the largest criminal fine ever in any case in the United States, more than one billion dollars. Pfizer agreed to pay another billion dollars for violations of a civil law, the False Claims Act.
Pfizer, based in New York, had sales last year of forty-eight billion dollars.
A Pfizer division, Pharmacia & Upjohn, agreed to plead guilty to a criminal violation over the painkiller Bextra. Pfizer pushed sales of Bextra for several uses unapproved by the government because of safety concerns. It also pushed for use in unapproved amounts. Pfizer withdrew Bextra from the market in two thousand five because of links to heart attacks and other problems.
Pfizer also faced civil charges over Bextra as well as three other drugs. Officials said Pfizer paid health care providers to prescribe these medicines for conditions other than the ones for which they are approved. This is called “off-label” use of a drug.
llegal – незаконный, неправомерный, нелегальный;
marketing – торговля, продажа, сбыт; маркетинг (комплекс мероприятий по изучению спроса и оптимальному сбыту продукции);
drugs – лекарственные препараты, медикаменты, наркотики;
fine – здесь: денежный штраф;
medicine – 1) медицина; 2) терапия, лечить; 3) лекарственное средство, лекарственный препарат; применять лекарственное средство;
settlement – урегулирование конфликта, соглашение;
United States Justice Department – Министерство юстиции США;
case – 1) случай, положение; 2) спорный вопрос в суде; 3) казус; судебное решение по делу; судебный прецедент; судебное дело; 4) материалы дела; 5) фактические обстоятельства; изложение фактических обстоятельств; версия; 6) доводы; аргументация по делу; изложение требований; меморандум по делу; обвинение (в суде); 7) деликтный “иск по конкретным обстоятельствам дела” (о взыскании убытков при невозможности предъявления других типов исков); 8) клиент (адвоката); 9) находящийся под наблюдением (полиции);
health care – здравоохранение, медицинское обслуживание;
fraud – обман; мошенничество, жульничество; подделка;
criminal fine – уголовный штраф;
violation – нарушение;
plead guilty – признать себя виновным

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