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учитель английского языкаКорнилова Наталья ГеннадьевнаМБОУ «ДСОШ №3» Г.Дятьково "Subculture is the Way to Express Your Individuality" Young people have a particular relationship with the world. A particular cultural grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. SUBCULTURES EMOS ROCKERS HIPPIES RAVERS RAPPERS HACKERS BIKERS GOTHS PUNKS SKINHEADS The common elements of a subculture include: 1) relatively unique values and norms, 2) separate channels of communication, 3) a special slang not shared with society, 4) a sense of primary group belonging seen in the use of 'us' and 'them', 5) unique styles and fads, 6) a hierarchy of social patterns that clarify the criteria for prestige and leadership, 7) receptivity to the charisma of leaders and gratification of special unmet needs. ROCKERS A young person who wears a leather jacket, army boots and a cowboy hat. He is associated with something rebellious. HIPPIES Some classify these types of people like drug users and rock and roll fans. Their behaviors differ from social norms. PUNKS They dress in shocking way to express their identity. They reject everything and rebel against the society. SKINHEADS The majority of them are patriotic reggae and football fans, and very interested in politics. GOTHS The members of this subculture gather together to read Bram Stoker about the end of the world. BIKERS All persons who ride 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles and who identify themselves with a particular subculture. RAVERS They use computer-made, synthesized music and drugs to create massive all-night dance parties in empty warehouse. RAPPERS All persons who listen to rap (or read it). They often wear caps, T-shirts and baggy trousers EMOS Emo are thought being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted. They are also associated with depression and suicide. The main colours in clothes are black and pink HACKERS They are the wizards of computer community. People with deep understanding of their computers can do things with them that seem magical. What is a skinhead like ? Typical skinhead warning signs Twenty hole zippered army boots Bald heads Lather jackets Tattoos with the pictures of swastika and other Nazi symbols Tight trousers What is a Rapper like? Rappers usually have short hair dresses though short African plaits, dreadlocks are popular too. Rappers like to wear sport style of clothes: caps, T-shorts, jackets with hoods. Rich rappers wear a lot of very expensive gold jewelry with diamonds. Often the price of such things can be equal to the price of houses. What is a biker like ? A biker in Russia prefers a heavy bike like Harley Davidson and a leather jacket. But besides a real biker has his own values and beliefs as a biker of the USA has. Some people consider bikers to be aggressive. But in most cases they have only threatening appearance. What is a hippie like? It is not so difficult to look like a traditional hippie ~ a pair of worn-out blue jeans, long hair tied with strings and a couple of decorative chains. They have noticed that if you are wearing your long hair and your jeans are old, you have easier time on the road. ROCKABILLY A mixture of country and blues, which was used by Elvis Pressley for making rock*n*roll. PUNK Type of loud and violent rock music popular since the late 1970s and associated with protest against conventional attitudes. ROCK*N*ROLL Usually simple form of rock music. The music is based on electric guitar and drums. PSYCHEDELIC ROCK Music, having intensely vivid sounds like those experienced while hallucinating, usually involves advanced electronic equipment RAP Music style appeared in black disco clubs in New York. Short musical phrases and torn rhythm. REGGAE Type of West Indian popular music and dance with strong rhythms. TECHNO Dance music played on electronic instruments, created with extensive use of studio technology for a futuristic sound. SOUL MUSIC Type of popular modern black American music, derived from gospel, blues and jazz, that express strong emotions Techno Chemical brothers – a popular British group. Prodigy – the British group, taking the top places in many charts. Kraftwerk – the German band, was one of the first who played techno music. Rock*n*roll Elvis Presley – was the leading figure ofearly rock*n*roll. Chuck Berry – his energy, guitar style and humor were all of important influence on later rock*n*roll stars. Punk Clash – one of the most popular British punkmusic groups whose success continued even when punk went out of fashion. Sex pistols – angry, rude, loud, anti-social …They started revolutions in both music and fashion. Rock Pink Floyd –the musicians were the first to use light effects, slide projectors at the performances. Thank you! 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