Спорт и здоровый образ жизни

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FEBRUARY/ 2012 Football Athletics Tennis Weightlifting Baseball Cricket Skiing Rowing Hockey Figure skating Boxing Rhythmic Jogging gymnastic Basketball Swimming Horse racing Golf Running 1. гольф 14. бег2. гребля 15. тяжёлая 3. бег трусцой атлетика4. бейсбол 16. скачки5. хоккей 17. бокс6. лыжный спорт 18. лёгкая 7. плавание атлетика8. теннис9. футбол10. худ.гимнастика11. фигурное катание12. крикет13.баскетбол 1. to take part in 2. sport competition 3. to go in for sport 4. physical training 5. to watch sport games 6. a competitor 7. to be held at school 8. to be an active participant 9. to be a winner 10. an amateur 11. sport achievements 12. tennis tournament 1.смотреть спортивные игры2. спортсмен-любитель3. уроки физкультуры4. участник состязания5. быть активным участником6. спортивные достижения 7. быть победителем8. теннисный турнир9. заниматься спортом10. принимать участие11. проводиться в школе12. спортивные состязания 1. to be at one’s best2. to get/have the best of it3.to the best of one’s ability4. a small/high entry fee5. a supporter/fan6. to stand for 7. to be part of 8. to delay a match 9. to miss a match 10. to show the game/match on TV 11. a sport channel 12. live commentary 13. worth the price 1. быть на высоте2. победить , взять верх3. по мере сил/способностей4. низкая /высокая цена за вход5. болельщик6.поддерживать 7. быть частью команды8. отложить матч9. пропустить матч10. показывать игру/матч по ТВ11. спортивный канал12. прямой репортаж13. стоит потраченных денег KEEP YOUR BODY IN ITS PRIMETO TREAT IT BADLY IS A CRIMEEXERCISING IS THE KEYTO LIVING YOUR LIFE HEALTHILYLOOK AFTER YOURSELF EVERY DAYBE GOOD TO YOU IN EVERY WAYDANGER’S WAITING EVERYWHERESTAY FIT,STAY HEALTHY;JUST TAKE CAREMAKE SURE YOU STAY AT YOUR BESTMAKE THE TIME TO HAVE A RESTRELAX YOUR BODY AND YOUR MINDLEAVE YOUR TROUBLES FAR BEHIND WHAT DO YOU THINK THE SONG IS ABOUT? DO YOU EXERCISE REGULARLY?WHY? WHAT KIND OF EXERCISE DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE? EXPLAIN THE SAYINGS.CHOOSE ONE BELOW AND GIVE THE EXAMPLE FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE TO ILLUSTRATE ITS MEANING. HEALTHY BODY,HEALTHY MIND. HEALTH IS BETTER THAN WEALTH. NO PAIN,NO GAIN. 1. FOOTBALL 2. BASKETBALL 3. TENNIS 4. CRICKET 5. GOLF 6. HORSE-RACING ******* A.A GAME BETWEEN 2 OF 5 PLAYERS WHEN THE AIM IS TO WIN POINTS BY THROWING A BALL THROUGH A NET ******* B.A GAME IN WHICH THE PLAYERS HIT A SMALL WHITE BALL INTO HOLES IN THE GROUND WITH A SET OF GOLF CLUBS C.A GAME BETWEEN TWO TEAMS OF 11 PLAYERS WHO TRY TO KICK A BALL INTO THE OTHER TEAM’S GOALF.A GAME BETWEEN 2 TEAMS OF 11 PLAYERS WHO TRY TO GET POINTS BY HITTING A BALL AND RUNNING BETWEEN 2 SETS OF 3 STICKS D.A SPORT IN WHICH HORSES WITH RIDERS RACE AGAINST EACH OTHER E.A GAME FOR 2 OR 4 PLAYERS WHO USE RACKETS TO HIT A BALL BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS OVER A NET IT IS IMPORTANT….I THINK ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IS…TO BE CONFIDENTTO BE AT ONE’S BEST IN ALL SITUATIONSTO BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANTTO DO MORNING EXERCISESTO TRAIN HARD TO KEEP FITTO IMPROVE ONE’S HEALTHTO HAVE FUNTO GET THE BEST OF ITTO FOLLOW NEW TRENDSTO FIND NEW FRIENDS SPORT IS VERY IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE.TO DO SPORT IS RATHER IMPORTANT TODAY THAN IT USED TO BE.ONE CAN CHOOSE WHAT HE LIKES.IT’S HARD WORK BUT IT’S WORTH IT.SPORT CAN HELP YOU TO BE MORE CONFIDENT AND SUCCEED IN YOUR LIFE. 1. DO YOU LIKE SPORT? 2. ARE YOU A SPORTSMAN? 3. WHAT SPORT DO YOU PREFER TO WATCH/PLAY?WHY? 4. DOES YOUR FRIEND OR MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY GO IN FOR SPORT? 5. ARE THEY AMATEUR OR PROFESSIONAL? 6. TELL ME THEIR TRAINING AND ACHIEVEMENTS 7. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE STATEMENT THAT SPORT HELPS US KEEP BODY AND SOUL STRONG AND HEALTHY? 8. GIVE YOUR REASON FOR OR AGAINST SPORT? Короткова В.Ю. Раздаточные материалы по английскому языку.10-11 кл.-М.:Дрофа,2009.Google.ru/pictures

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