Endemics of Australia and New Zealand. Causes of Uniqueness and Problems of Conservation.

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Endemics of Australia and New Zealand. Causes of Uniqueness and Problems of Conservation.Scientific Adviser: Lesnaya E. N.a teacher of English Author: Matina SofiaSFEI SGSSS № 4 named after G. K. ZhukovForm 7 AAustralian kangaroo The project of endemics is currently important because of the danger of rare animals extinction. The problem is that people have little knowledge of endemics and the ways of population growth.The aim of this work is conducting the research to identify the awareness of people about rare species of wildlife and their habitat, conservation issues and program development of endemic rescue and its practical application.Anas nesiotis Making a hypothesis we can suppose that probably: 1) a lot of people are aware of rare animals and plants, but do not know what the term “endemic” means;2) the uniqueness of endemic natural occurrence depends on the total people awareness about it.In the course of the conducted work the following research methods were used:- study of the question on the following topic using materials of books and online resources; - students enquiry from different schools; - questionnaire survey of those who have an idea of ​​endemics. The plan of the research realization :1.Searching of the necessary material from books and online resources.2. Gathering the information.3. Conducting a quiz.4. Providing information to participants of the experiment.5. Conducting a survey.6. The information processing.7. Analysis of the acquired information.The research subject is endemics living in Australia and New Zealand.The experiment was run in Krasnoznamensk, in autumn 2016.The target group - participants of different age groups (from 11 to 15 years old). The amount of participants - about 75 people. The final project product is the endemic protection program and the brochure including ways and methods of informing people about them and their rescue. There are planty of interesting animals and plants in the world and many of them are rare and exist only in definite places. They are called endemics. And that is may be one of the main reasons for people to travel. But while travelling, we must always remember about the uniqueness of endemic natural occurrence and its conservations. We must take care about the nature! The conclusion Reference list:1. В.М. Андреева, К.В. Малаховский, А.С.Петриковская «Современная Австралия. Справочник». Издательство: «Наука». Россия (1976)2. Аничкин Олег, Куракова Лина, Фролова Лидия «Австралия». Издательство: «Мысль» (1983)3. Гебауэр Бруни, Гюи Стефан «Новая Зеландия. Путеводитель». Издательство «Аякс-Пресс». Россия (2013)4. Дорлинг Киндерсли «Новая Зеландия. Путеводитель» Издательство: «Астрель». Россия.(2011)5. Дорлинг Киндерсли «Австралия. Иллюстрированный путеводитель». Издательство: «Астрель». Россия (2014)6. Павлюк Семен «Австралия. Путеводитель (+ карта)». Издательство «Эксмо».Россия.(2015)7. Рубцов Борис «Новая Зеландия». Издательство «Наука». Россия (1987)8. URL:http://www.openarium.ru9. URL: http://www.kakfb.ru10. URL: http://www.votpusk.ru11. URL: http://dic.academic.ru12. URL: http://chemodan.com.ua13. URL: http://ru.wikipedia.org

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