тренировочные задания для самостоятельной работы

Тренировочные упражнения для самостоятельной работы
a) Open the brackets using the Past Indefinite or the Past Continuous.
An American who (visit) Russia (want) to go on a wild bear hunt and (pay) a lot of money for the sport. The travel agent (take) the American to Moscow's Forest. Suddenly, he (see) a bear, and (decide) to get closer because he (hope) to shoot it. A postman, who (ride) past on his bicycle, (fall) off in surprise when he (spot) the bear. The bear (come) over to the bicycle, (pick) it up and (ride) off. In fact it (not be) a wild bear at all. It (perform) at the local circus. The bear (escape), the postman (lose) his bicycle and the American (ask) for his money back.
b) Open the brackets using the Past Indefinite, the Past Continuous or the Present Continuous.
New York. May 4. There (be) a bank robbery in the downtown financial district. Just before closing time a man (enter) the Wall Street branch of Chase Manhattan Bank. He (carry) a shotgun and (wear) a nylon stocking over his head. There (be) only a few customers in the bank at the time. He (make) them lie on the floor and (force) a teller to put money into a sack. As he (leave), a security guard (try) to ring the alarm. The robber (shoot) him and the guard is now in
hospital. Surgeons (try) to save his life. Last night the police (arrest) a man on. The police (interrogate) the man who was arrested last night.
с)Write questions with how long and answer them. Model: I know Bob.
- How long have you known him?
- I've known him since our schooldays.
1. My sister is married. 2. Boris is on holiday. 3. I live in Glasgow. 4.1 know about her problem. 5. Dennis is in love with Margaret. 6. Colin has a car. 7. Bill is a teacher. 8.1 have a motor-bike. 9. My brother lives in Germany. 10. His elder brother is a sailor. He is at sea now. 11. We are good friends. 12.1 wear glasses. 13. He works for this company. 14. He is in the army now. 15. The boss is away on a business trip.
d). Answer the questions in the way shown. Use yet.
Model 1: Have you finished the book yet?
- No, I haven't finished it yet. I am still reading it.
Model 2: Have you seen the new film at the local cinema? –
I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to see it.
1. Have you translated the article yet? 2. Have they finished discussing the problem? 3. Have you decided who will make a report on the international situation? 4. Has she had her lunch yet? 5. Have they finished working at their course papers? 6. Has he woken up? (to sleep) 7. Has she made breakfast? 8. Have you eaten at the new Italian restaurant? 9. Have you bought a car? 10. Has Gerry asked Diana to marry him? 11. Have you spoken to the dean already? 12. Has he read the
newspaper? 13. Have you washed the plates? 14. Have you seen him already? 15. Have you asked them for dinner? 16. Have you already explained it to him? 17. Have they passed their tests already? 18. Has she taken the pills? 19. Have they accepted the conditions? 20. Have you decided when to go?

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