Сочинение «Будущее олимпийских игр»

Нуртдинова Лейла Марсовна, МБОУ «Джалильская СОШ №2»,
2014, пгт. Джалиль, Сармановский район, Республика Татарстан.
I welcome everybody who reads my composition, which I was pondering during a month, not falling asleep for hours at night and even at the lessons, looking straight at every teacher, but not hearing them and even playing volleyball I had my head in the clouds I was absorbed into thoughts about future of Olympic Games! The theme was very complicated at the same time I was extremely interested in it. So knowing that slow and steady wins the race, I pull my socks up and invite you to my inner world of assumptions, fantasy and ambitions, where my fairy ideas were born. Of course you know: “Man proposes, God disposes”.
Deep night. Darkness. Mystery silence. I, Nike, the Greek goddess of victory happened to be at home alone. It was nearly 12 o`clock and I was just beginning to fall asleep, when in a distance I saw a bright spot. First I thought it was my imagination but it grew lighter and really amazing. I got out of bed and suddenly I was given a torch at first hand by Zeus! He explained: “Any war is the worst thing in the world and that is why you will be a bridge to future in peace and harmony, from darkness into light. With this beneficial flame you will organize Olympic Games beginning in 776 BC in order to be love, friendship, kindness, agreement among peoples in the universe; it will be achieved by means of sport - a healthy lifestyle, replacing alcohol, obesity, drugs, incurable diseases, smoking, crime and so forth ”. Since that time with fire in my hands I have been running from dark past to bright future striving for that goal, uniting different nations in the single sports event Olympic Games. And the Olympic Symbol “five rings” is joined because the Games bring the world together in any country, where every person can know more about traditions and customs and identify the best sportsmen. Now I understand to be a torchbearer – it`s a fantastic honor! And so being the goddess of victory of course I must win, leaving behind all the bad, doing the Universe the happiest place to live!
In the nearest future 2012 I am on the point of visiting sensational Summer Olympic Games with a torch, penetrating the most famous sights of Great Britain, the river Thames and then to the Olympic stadium in the heart of England, a dream-town – London. London will be the first, which will accept the third time and the capital of the XXX games. I forecast that the Games will be the “greenest” in the history; it will be their best winning card. Nearly 100% of waste will be recycled. BMV will invent bicycles, ecological and economical cars, environmentally safe. Standards and technology of future will be used in construction of Olympic buildings, economic consumption of electricity and water. It will be splendid! After the world financial crisis, new departure will come; there will be thousands of working places. Tourism will prosper before you can say Jack Robinson. The Olympic flag is floating proudly and triumphantly and we will look forward to the upcoming holiday, bright colors of the performances, unforgettable atmosphere of the Olympic days, where every human being will speak English. And finally, people, mostly teenagers will understand that spiritual values have more significant importance for our Universe.
Let`s continue our future tour to welcome the world to Russia in 2014. It will be a huge event – the “white” Olympiad, because it will be in winter, in spite of this you can see not only snow, ice and wind, but also the sea, beach and sand in one town named Sochi. Once I was there. It was really amazing. The beauty of nature was overwhelming. Below we swam, sunbathed and became as brown as a berry, played beach volleyball then went to excursion to Lake Rizzo, there water was icy, roaring waterfalls were running down from the tops of the magnificent mountains, diverse greenery surrounded us. There you can see a lot of variety of fauna and flora, which you can watch in hot or cold countries. You will be a witness of new sports events, such as sports dancing, surfing may be extreme sports. I invoke you to follow Olympic truce during coming Olympic Games, stop onslaught! Keep Olympian calm! It was very pity when during Peking Olympiad was violated truce, Georgia attacked Ossetia. God forbid! For that matter fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Hold out the olive branch! I summon you to give a hand as a volunteer to be a part of this great event. You can try all kinds of jobs from meeting international visitors to organizing the closing ceremony of the Games. In a short time you will get huge experience and learn more than some people learn in a year. Be faster in getting knowledge, higher spiritually and stronger being as brave as a lion in different kinds of sport. But firstly you must improve your English skills “as the crow flies” with English First. English First will help you break down barriers and tell the story to the world in English as far as you know “as you make your bed, so must you lie on it”. 75,000 volunteers will prepare Sochi to welcome 500,000 people, so keep your eyes open.
In the farthest future the Olympic Games will be in space. We will compete with other planets, kicking balls, playing tennis and playing other new events from one planet to another, after all is said and done there won`t be wars, will be paradise. As the proverb says: “All is well that ends well”.
In conclusion I should say as a matter of course the initial aim of peace in the Universe will be reached. We must have a kind heart, clean hands and work hand in hand together, not to be hell upon earth remember it. You are the master of your own destiny. Mark my words!

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