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Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“A simple gift” Данное стихотворение отражает проблему нашего современного мира. Эта проблема заключается в нежелании что-то делать, чтобы изменить мир вокруг себя, в пассивности людей, которые заботятся только о своем благополучие.
Главный герой стихотворения мальчик, который задумывается о своем существовании и о том, что он может сделать для других людей.
Главная мысль этого произведения заключается в понимании, что каждый может сделать что-то очень простое и привнести положительные эмоции в этот мир.
Стихотворение включает в себя несколько средств художественной изобразительности: риторический вопрос (“What can I do to change the world?”), лексический повтор (world, people, they), анафора (It wasn’t something), антитеза (survived and died) , перифраз (His fingers to the bone – hard, grand crop – a lot of money), эпитет (aglow, grand), умолчание.
A simple gift
“What can I do to change the world?”
He wondered all the time.
But maybe he was very wrong,
For trying find the light.
He asked the people everywhere
About their lives;
It seemed to him they didn’t care:
Men just survived and died.
They always gave no sign of worry
Of their changing world,
And living all along in hurry
Dreamt only of grand crop.“What can I do to change the world?”
Inquired he around.
Eternal question…it was a fault,
That only framed with sound.
And then began to work
His fingers to the bone
To bring the motion to the top
But only felt himself alone.
With eager and his heart aglow
Made something that he could:
Helped poor people by his own
By giving them his mood.It wasn’t something they could touch
Or see straight through the eyes.
It wasn’t something they could catch
Or hold in their hands.
It was his friendship and the smile
That he gave totally to them.
Let people think it wasn’t grand
But he was only nine…

Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“Summer” - стихотворение, написанное на тему лето, навеяно суровым климатом севера (Республика Коми, г. Печора). Лето на севере красивое, не смотря на то, что короткое и все его ждут с нетерпением. Печора – небольшой город, где лето является любимым временем года почти у всех. Это время, когда можно насладиться необычайно красивой природой родного края.
You ask what season is the best for me.
Its summer I’ll answer immediately.
What is the reason for such choice?
It’s jolly as for child toys…
For people living in small towns
Who spend most time in “cold house”
This time is full of sunlight beams
That came so gently from the steep.
It’s when you walk during the nights,
For even they are charged with light.The smell of trees, of grass, of flowers
Is spreading everywhere
And what you need to feel the joy
It’s going somewhere,
Where you will find the shining sight
Of nature in this time.The singing birds, the lighting air
And mildly running stream
Encourage you this sense to share
With whom you’re used to live.

Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“Dream” – Мечта. Данное стихотворение посвящено одиноким детям, которые не знают, что такое иметь настоящую семью. Иногда у них появляется такой шанс, надежда на семейное будущее, но, к сожалению не всем получается получить то, о чем они мечтают практически всю свою жизнь. Но ведь трудности встречаются у многих и зачастую делают людей сильнее.
“If I had parents it would be great…”
She thought for many years.
This was a wish, all time the same,
A haunter that she cared
Sometimes she imaged they were beside
Like real people near her
But realized it was a lie,
For nobody she saw.
If there was a little hint
To have a family one day,
She would be healthy and replete,
As everyday they said.
Once came across she with the news
That gave her tiny hope.
She could part from a big abuse
And loose this lonely rope.
Some people from another town
Were planning coming soon.She felt so flurried that knocked down
And was in flashing mood.It was a fete when they arrived,
All children sang and danced.
For her it was a kind of fight
She wanted to be loved.
That day was gone so fast,
Those people had to choose.
She knew it was her final chance
To get but not to lose.They spoke with her, they played and laughed
It was the time exact she dreamt.
And she forgot that life was rough
It seemed they wanted her to take.
Then came the time for firm decision,
And they were ready with the choice
It wasn’t she who had permission
To be a part of new small world.The dream died down,
The wish was broken…
And nobody could understand…
She cried and cried some days around
But strongly she will stand…

Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“Having a rest” – стихотворение безусловно для учителей и учеников. Все с нетерпением ждут этого времени – каникулы. Как для детей, так и для учителей это время отдыха и веселья. Некоторые хотят, чтобы это время продолжалось, ну а возможно и есть, кто скучает по школе, друзьям и занятиям.
Having a rest
All children, teachers have a rest.
It’s holidays at last.
Three months of happiness and fun,
They left the work and tasks.
Again a lot of plans and things
That needed to be done;
They can go to marine
With anyone they love
Or just relax in their native place
And do what figured on.
No end of doings they can face,
Feel oft a pleasant glow.
They sleep for such long hours
Of course enjoy this time.
Life has afresh new sounds
Leaving behind school side.
Some will miss school bells and breaks,
Some won’t even think
About teachers, children, friends
And what with school they link.
But soon it starts repletion
Of resting time and fun,
And then returns tuition
The time of work and laugh.

Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“Lie” – ложь. Данное стихотворение говорит о том, что ложь является частым явлением в нашей жизни. Каждый день мы врем, уже не замечая этого. Не думаем мы и о том, к чему может привести обман.
Again you say it, everyday
You smile, you laugh, you feign.
It always follows you about
Like it’s your second face.
Why people say it, do or pile
Without caring of trail?
Maybe they have a certain cause
For saying wail things.
They don’t think what they can lose
Close people, love and friends.
They carry on it everyday
It’s lie, it’s lie, it’s lie…

Авторские стихотворения – Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия № 1» г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
“Parents” – родители. В данном стихотворении говорится о том, что для родителей любовь к детям, забота о них является самым главным в их жизни. К сожалению не всегда мы это ценим и отдаем столько же любви и внимания.
These people are always near you,
For they know what you need in life.
You think you have much time, but few!
Before they go away, they die…
Sometimes you’re tired of their care
That daily follows, tags behind.
It seems they shadow everywhere
Controlling things, go side-by-side.
But when the moment comes
Without asking you.Those people that you love
Can leave this world so soon.And what is done for them?
The question will arise.
That only now you understand,
That love for them has no price.

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