Задания для 10 класса по теме Civilization

Христофорова Виктория Викторовна
МОУ «Гимназия №1»
Г. Печора
2015-2016 гг.
Учитель английского языка
Задания для 10 класса по теме “Civilization and progress”
Задания составлены на основе учебника Enjoy English 10(М.З. Биболетова и др.)
Grammar – modal verbs expressing degrees of probability in the past
Vocabulary – parts of human face, civilization
Используй модальные глаголы, чтобы выразить вероятность действий в прошлом и переведите.
They…….(arrive) early. (99%)
He…………(escape) through this window – it’s too small. (0%)
She ………..(say) that – she is not so cruel. (0%)
He ………….(miss)the bus. (50%)
He………….(leave). But I’m not really sure. (25%)
She……………(forget)  about our date. She isn’t here. (99%)
She ………….(work) late. She looks tired. (50%)
He…………………..(stay) at home. He went to another country for the business. (0%)
Заполни пропуски необходимыми словами
Survival, challenge, species, requirement, evolution, creature, aliens, apes
Scientists say that humans evolved from__________.
In the past survival of people depended on daily energy and food________.
For tiny “hobbit” hunter it was a serious ___________ to kill a dwarf elephant.
In the past there were different ____________ of animals, such as: Komodo dragons, dwarf elephants, giant rodents.
For ancient man every day of his life was a fight for_________.
The theory of __________is based on many proofs which researches and archaeologists found many years ago.
Some people believe that pyramids in Egypt were built by___________.
Modern fantasy books often describe different unpleasant _________from other worlds.
Составь слова и переведи (рядом даются определение или синонимы)
fawdrVery small
nedotrRats, mice, and squirrelsuinggirnitfascinatingrccuohappen
esonbthe hard parts inside your body
snalida piece of land surrounded by water
pmeisygPeople of small high
Соотнеси слова с их определениями и переведи слова
creature a great part of land
proof the part of the face above the eyebrows
mainland a living thing, often imaginary
remote smth that makes people feels good or bad
tiny situated far from the main centres of population
conditions amount of eatable goods that are necessary for living
food supply Something or someone that is extremely small.
forehead evidence or argument
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