Урок игра по английскому языку олимпийские игры

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Date Country Riddle symbol sports people Date , 100 In 776 BC When were the ancient Olympic Games first held? Country , 100 In Greece Where were the ancient Olympic Games first held? Riddle, 100 Football What sport was first introduced in England, and became popular around the world? Symbol, 100 Five. The letter “O” How many identical letters are there on the Olympic flag? What are they? sports , 100 Four years The Olympic Games are held every … People , 100 Baron Pierre de Coubertin Who revived the Olympic Games in 1896 ? Date , 200 In 1980 When our country was the host of Olympic Games? Country , 200 Africa,North and South America,Asia, Oceania(including Australia), Europe What continents do the five rings represent? What is IOC? Riddle, 200 International Olympic Committee Symbol, 200 The Olympic Flame What is one of the best known symbols of the Games? Sports , 200 windsurfing It’s usually associated with Australia or California, with sunny climates and ocean, joy and rest. But to do this sport you have to be strong, brave and patient. People, 200 Leo Leshchenko Guess the singer Date , 300 in 1896 The first of the Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in … Country, 300 Moscow, Russia What city was the host of the Olympic games in 1980? Riddle, 300 Faster, higher, stronger The Olympic motto is 3 Latin words: citius, altius, fortius What is the meaning of these words? Symbol , 300 Blue, yellow,black, green, red and white What are the colours of the Olympic flag? Sports , 300 Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling What events were included in the First Olympic Games in Athens in 1896? People , 300 Evgeni Plushenko Who is he? Date , 400 In 1952 When did Russia join the Olympic movement ? Country, 400 Sochi, Russia What city was chosen to be the place of the Olympics in the year 2014? Riddle, 400 figure skating It’s one of the most popular sports in our country. It has a glorious history and traditions. Our sportsmen have usually been the first and had great success. Symbol, 400 A polar bear, a hare, a leopard What are the mascots of the Olympic games in Sochi? Sports , 400 ice hockey There are moments when it’s impossible to see what’s happening on the ice. Because quick changes are taking place. Players should be able to change direction while moving at very high speeds. People , 400 Who is the chairman of the IOC now? Jacques, Count Rogge

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