Урок игра по теме погода

Фонетическая зарядка.
If the weather is good,
I’ll go to the wood.
If the weather is bad,
I’ll stay in my flat.

If the weather is wet,
I won’t fret
If the weather is cold,
I won’t scold

s_ _ ny T_mo _ _ ow
we_ ther sn_w
cro_ _ s_nb_the
n_ xt d_ff_rent
sk_ _ ebo_ _ d

Find the translation
cross a) заканчиваться
nothing b) пересекать
season d) кто-то
someone e) время года
win f) ничто, ничего
be over g) выигрывать
degree h) градус

Write in numbers. What is the temperature?
seventeen degrees above zero
thirty degrees bel
·ow zero
twenty-five degrees above zero
four degrees below zero
ten degrees above zero
eighteen degrees below zero
twenty degrees below zero
five degrees above zero
10. forty degrees below zero

Write the words in the right order
I, swim, in, will, the river
they, read, a poem, will, next, lesson.
football, will he play.
we, play, in winter, snowballs, shall.
brother, fly, my, will, kite
visit, friend, will, my, I

Sentences with mistakes:
When the summer will come, the children will sunbathe.
If the weather will be fine, we will skate.
I phone you, before I come.
I come to your party, if I will in the town tomorrow.
Is there somebody at home?
I don’t know nothing about him.
There is anybody upstairs.

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