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By Misha Defonseca I think (that) …I suppose …I believe …This text may be about …I am sure …Probably it’s about … What is this story about? Make a suggestion. Wolves wicked and frightful nice and independent help the nature live in forest can help people kill other animals attack and kill people In danger nowadays howl awfully sleep curling up angry dangerous for people What are the wolves like? Make some sentences about these wild animals. To survive [sə’vaiv] - выжитьto beg – просить подаяниеto cry – ?to howl [haul] - вытьto steal (stole, stolen) - украстьto adopt smb. – удочерить, усыновитьto behave [bi’heiv] – вести себяto share [ ʃɛə] smth. with – делить to miss - скучатьa burrow [‘bʌrəu] – нораBelgium[‘beldgəm] - ?Germany [‘dʒз:məni] - ?Nazi [‘na:tsi] - ?Jewish [‘dʒu:iʃ] - еврейский To survive [sə’vaiv]To begBurrow [‘bʌrəu]to cry5. To steal (stole, stolen)6. To adopt smb.7. To behave [bi’heiv]8. to share [ ʃɛə]9. to howl [haul]10. Belgium Плакать, кричатьВыжить, уцелетьПросить подаяниеНораУдочерить кого - либоВороватьВести себяВытьБельгияделить Translate into RussianSurvived in the wood – made little burrows – begged in the villages – stole some bread and cheese – howled like a wolf – behaved like a wolf adopted a little girl / boy – shared food – came back to Belgium Match the words. steal food Group the words in 3 columns. WAR PEOPLE WOLVES Can you guess the contents of this story now? wild and dirty to survive to howl a burrow to beg to adopt a child Nazis Jewish share food wolf-cubs she-wolf alone compass kill walked sniff be afraid of It started in the autumn of 1941 in Belgium, when Misha was 7 years old. It was the time of the Second World War and Jewish people were arrested and taken away by Nazis. One day, when Misha was at school, her parents were taken away. She went to live with another family. But the girl wanted to find her mother and father. She missed them very much. How old was Misha?What time was it? Why did Misha live with another family?Are you sorry for Misha? Why?What’s your attitude to this little girl? So, after 6 months, she packed a little bag with some bread, apples and home-made compass, and ran away. Where did she run away? Maybe … Misha set off for Germany. She remembered from school that it was near Belgium. The little girl was afraid of Nazis, that’s why she walked through forests and fields. At night she slept in empty buildings. But often Misha made little burrows in the woods out of leaves and branches. Why did she go through forests?This little girl is brave, isn’t she? Prove your opinion.  Sometimes she begged. On Sundays people in villages usually went to church. When they left their homes Misha stole some bread and cheese to survive. When she couldn’t beg or steal, she ate wild berries, seeds and insects. … she begged. On Sundays people went to … . When they left their …. Misha stole …. and …. to survive. When she couldn’t beg or steal she ate …., seeds and …. .  Let’s reviewMisha’s parents were … Misha went … The girl wanted to … She walked through … Very often Misha … She ate … One day a farmer hit her with a stone as she stole some food. She ran to the forest crying and howling. Suddenly … Who came to the girl? Can you guess? You are right!… a big grey she-wolf came to the little crying girl. The wolf sniffed her and went away, but in some minutes it came back. A few days later, the she-wolf curled up beside her and went to sleep. The two shared food – cheese and the wolf’s freshly-killed hares – and walked together. Then … Have you noticed who hit the girl? Who helped her?Then … ??? … a hunter killed the wolf. Misha was very sad, and alone again. Using the compass she went to the east, through Germany and Poland. It was 1943, and Misha looked as a wild and dirty forest animal. Continue the sentences : The war is terrible because … Sometimes the wild animals … Soon she met other wolves. Some wolf-cubs were playing on a rock and Misha came near, delighted. When their mother sniffed her, Misha behaved like a young wolf herself. She stayed with this wolf-family, shared food and slept together with them. After some months she left the wolves.  Ask your own questions. WHEN WHEN WHEN WHOM WHAT HOW WHOM WHAT HOW WHOM WHAT HOW WHOM WHAT HOW WHOM WHAT How can this unusual story end? Choose a possible version.  Misha found her parents.  She came back to Belgian. The Nazis arrested her.  People helped her and adopted.  She survived and reached Germany.  Misha stayed in the forest with wolves.  Misha didn’t survive. Misha came back to Belgium. She was so dirty, wild, unhappy and ill! But people saved and helped the Jewish girl. A very kind family adopted her. She went to school. But she never found her parents. Misha lived … She looked like … She came back to… Misha was …. People … She … Did you like this story? Are you sure that it is real? Tell about your impressions. … war is terrible …sometimes animals are nicer than people. I am against … We must be more careful to … I hate war because … We live in time of peace and have never experienced war. I think (believe) that … People must protect … Today, Misha Defonseca is living happily in the USA with her husband, two dogs, and 23 cats. Her book, Surviving with wolves, was published in 1997. Every week Misha visits the wolves in her local zoo … How do you find this story, happy or sad? What problems are there in this book? Remember some tales/ stories/ films in which the animals help people.

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