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Compare: Good afternoon, girls and boys, teachers! We’re glad to see you today here. You’ll see the famous fairytales in English. Let’s start our performance!
Ведущий: Добрый день, девочки и мальчики, учителя! Мы рады видеть вас сегодня здесь. Мы будем смотреть отрывки знаменитых сказок на английском языке. Давайте начнём наше представление!
Scene 1
Compare: The pupils of the 5th form act out the scene from the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”. The roles play Little Red Riding Hood – Daria Pechnikova, Wolf – Sergei Kurilo.
Ведущий: Ученики 5 класса играют сценку из сказки «Красная Шапочка». Роли иполняют: Красная Шапочка - Печникова Дарья, Злой Волк – Курило Сергей.

Музыка из к. «Красная шапочка»
(На сцене Красная Шапочка. Она идёт по лесу)Little Red Riding Hood:
So I am walking through the wood,
I have a basket with the food.
But no flowers at all,
And Granny likes them so much!
( Собирает цветы.)
The first, the second and the third!
Oh! What a pretty lady-bird!
Stop, wait for me, please, don’t fly!
Oh! What a pretty butterfly!
( Из леса выбегает Волк.)
Wolf: Good morning! Are you taking a walk in the wood?
Little Reed Riding Hood: Good morning, Mis…Mister Wolf!
Wolf: My dear girl, I want to know to whom and where you are going.
( Обращаясь к ребятам, сидящим в зале.)
The girl is thin not worth a penny.
Little Reed Riding Hood: I …I am going to my Granny.
Wolf: And where can her house be?
Little Reed Riding Hood: It’s just behind the oak-tree. Turn left, it’s nearby!
Wolf: Thank you, my dear girl. Good – bye! Ha-ha-ha!
( Волк убегает.)
Little Reed Riding Hood:
Good bye!
He is not bad, so kind and wise,
But flowers are very nice!
It will not take me many hours
To get these very pretty flowers!
Scene 2
Compare: The pupils of the 6th form act out the scene from the fairytale “Three little pigs”. The roles play Niff –Niff - Iliya Vasiliev, Nuff-Nuff - Andrei Biryukov, Snail – Snail – Alexandr Subbotin, Big Bad Wolf – Dmitri Lyubkin.
Ведущий: Ученики 6 класса играют сценку из сказки «Три поросёнка». Роли исполняют: Ниф-Ниф – Васильев Илья, Наф-Наф – Бирюков Андрей, Нуф-Нуф – Cубботин Александр, Злой Страшный Волк – Любкин Дмитрий.

Музыка из м.»Три поросёнка»

( На сцену выбегают три поросёнка.)
Niff – Niff:
I am rosy and fat,
I am not quick,
It is not so bad
To be a pig
I have no grief,
I’m sad’
My name is Niff-Niff,
Remember that.
Nuff-nuff, Snail-Snail:
We are dancing all day long
We like tossing.
Have you heard a merry song?
It’s just a thing.
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,The Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf?Compare: I want to tell you an interesting fact. The three little pigs have three new houses.
Ведущий: Я хочу рассказать интересный факт. У трёх маленьких поросят есть три новых дома.
Музыка из м.»Три поросёнка»
I have made my house of grass,
House of grass, house of grass,
I have made my house of grass,
I have made my house of sticks,
House of sticks, house of sticks,
I have made my house of sticks,
La-la-la-la-la-la-la.Niff – Niff:
I have made my house of bricks,
House of bricks, house of bricks,
I have made my house of bricks,
La-la-la-la-la-la-la.Музыка из м.»Три поросёнка»
( выбегает Волк.)
Big Bad Wolf:
It’s always said,
That I am bad,
But I am simply hungry.
I want to eat,
You know,
Oh, I am very hungry!
I want a pig.
Nice and fat,
Because I am very hungry.Scene 3
Compare: The pupils of the 7th form act out the scene from the fairytale “ Snow White and Seven Dwarves”. The roles play Queen – Oxana Mironova, Magic Mirror – Anna Godovanyuk, Story-teller – Elena Gladilina.
Ведущий: Ученики 7 класса играют сценку из сказки «Белоснежка и семь гномов». Роли исполняют: Королева – Миронова Оксана, Волшебное зеркало – Годованюк Анна, Сказочник – Гладилина Елена.
Музыка «Королева»
Magic Mirror in my hand,
Who is the fairest in my land?
Magic Mirror:
You, who hold me in your hand.
You are the fairest in the land.
Story-teller: The Queen was pleased. But Snow White was growing up and becoming prettier and prettier every day. And one day…Queen:
Magic Mirror in my hand,
Who is the fairest in my land?
Magic Mirror:
You, who hold me in your hand.
You were the fairest in the land.
But today, I tell you true, Snow White is more fair than you!
Story-teller: The Huntsman took Snow White deep into the forest. But he did not kill her; he left the poor girl alone in the dark forest. She ran and ran the suddenly she saw a little house in front of her. It was the house of the Seven Dwarves…
Scene 4
Compare : The pupils of the 8th form act out the scene from the fairytale “Pinocchio”. The roles play Pinocchio – Vladislav Martynenkov, Fox – Valeria Kharlamova, Cat – Maxim Popov.
Ведущий: Ученики 8 класса играют сценку из сказки «Буратино». Роли исполняют: Буратино – Мартыненков Владислав, Лиса Алиса – Харламова Валерия, Кот Базилио – Попов Максим.
Музыка из к. «Приключения Буратино»
( На сцену выбегает Буратино. Появляются Кот и Лиса.)Fox: Good day, Pinocchio!
Pinocchio: You know my name but I don’t know you.
Fox: I know your father well.
Pinocchio: Where did you see him.Fox: I saw him yesterday at the door of his house.
Pinocchio: And how was he?
Fox: He had no coat on and he was cold.
Pinocchio: Poor papa! He will not be cold any more!
Cat: Why?
Pinocchio: Because I have a lot of money now.
Fox: A lot of money, you?
( Лиса и кот смеются.)
Pinocchio: Why are you laughing? Look at these five gold coins.
Fox: And now, what do you want to do with all that money?
Pinocchio: First I want to buy a new coat for my papa. Then I shall buy a schoolbook.
Cat: For what?
Pinocchio: I want to go to school.
Fox: Look at me! I lost my leg because I went to school.
Cat: Look at me! I lost my eye because I went to school.
Fox: Do you want to have more money?
Pinocchio: Oh, yes, but how?
Cat: Do not go home. You must come with us.
Pinocchio: And where shall we go?
Fox: You will see.
Pinocchio: No, I shall not go with you. I shall go home to my papa. He is waiting for me.
Cat: Then go home with your five gold coins. But if you want to have two hundred gold coins, come with us.
Pinocchio: But how can I have them?
Музыка «Поле чудес»
Fox: WE shall tell you. We shall go to a field. In that field you must make a little hole and put into it one gold coin. Then you must throw some earth into the hole and make a small mound.
Cat: After that throw a little salt on the mound and then a little water. And the gold coin will grow. In the morning you will get up and come back, and you will find a beautiful tree with many gold coins on it.
Pinocchio: Oh! How nice! I shall go with you.
Классическая музыка
Compare: The pupils of the 9th form Maria Sukhorukova and Inna Zurbenko recite the poem “Winter Morning” by A.S.Pushkin. The presentation and the music are made by Alexei Dubinin.
Ведущий: Ученицы 9 класса Сухорукова Мария и Журбенко Инна читают стихотворение А.С. Пушкина «Зимнее утро». Музыкальная презентация Дубинина Алексея.
Winter Morning
Snow, frost and sunshine…Lovely morning!
Yet you, dear love, its magic scorning,
Are still in bed… Awake, my sweet!...Cast sleep away, I beg, and, rising,
Yourself a northern star, the blazing
Aurora, northern beauty, meet.
A mellow glow like that of amber
Illumes the room…’its good to linger
Beside the gaily crackling stove,
And think and dream… But let our honest
Brown mare without delay be harnessed
That we may take a sledge ride, love.We’ll give three reins to her, and lightly,
The snow of morning gleaming brightly,
Skim over it, and full of glee,
Cross empty fields and empty meadows,
A once green wood with trees like shadows,
A stream and bank long dear to me.

Зимнее утро
Мороз и солнце; день чудесный!
Ещё ты дремлешь, друг прелестный –
Пора, красавица, проснись:
Открой сомкнуты негой взоры
Навстречу северной Авроры,
Звездою севера явись!
Вся комната янтарным блеском
Озарена. Весёлым треском
Трещит затопленная печью
Приятно думать у лежанки.
Но знаешь, не велеть ли в санки
Кобылку бурую запречь?
Скользя по утреннему снегу,
Друг милый, предадимся бегу
Нетерпеливого коня
И навестим поля пустые,
Леса, недавно столь густые,
И берег, милый для меня.
Scene 5
Compare: The pupils of the 10th, 11th forms act out the scene from the fairytale “Cinderella”. The roles play Cinderella – Maria Streltsova, Stepmother – Anastasia Korovkina, 1st stepsister – Yulia Budnikova, 2st stepsister – Valeria Kharchenko, Fairy Godmother – Anna Zharikova, King – Boris Martynenkov, Prince – Alexandr Androsov, Two heralds – Alexandr Yakunin and Dmitri Yaruta.
Ведущий: Ученики 10 и 11 классов играют сказку «Золушка». Роли исполняют: Золушка – Стрельцова Мария, Мачеха – Коровкина Анастасия, Сестры – Харченко Валерия, Будникова Юлия, Волшебница – Жарикова Анна, Король – Мартыненков Борис, Принц – Андросов Александр, Глашатаи – Якунин Александр, Ярута Дмитрий.Музыка «Фанфары»

Scene 1
Два глашатая появляются на сцене.
1st herald: Hurry up! Hurry up to the ball in the King’s palace! All young and nice girls come to the ball!
2nd herald: Great news! The Prince is going to get married!
Scene 2
Музыка из к. «Золушка»
Золушка подметает пол на кухне.
I am busy from morning till night
Keeping my family happy and bright.As soon as the sun comes up in the sky,
I open my eyes,
And lift up my head,
And jump very quickly out of my bed.
Breakfast in the morning,
Then lunch in the daytime,
Tea comes after lunch.
I have no playtime.

Scene 3
Золушка уходит, появляется мачеха с дочерьми.
Stepmother: Cinderella! Cinderella! Where are you, bad girl?
1st stepsister: Cinderella!
2nd stepsister: Cinderella!
Cinderella: I am here, mother. What’s the matter?
Stepmother: What are you doing , lazy girl?
Cinderella: Mother, I am …
Stepmother ( прерывает её): There is going to be a ball at the King’s palace. We don’t want to be a late.
1st stepsister: Cinderella, give me my white dress!
2nd stepsister: Bring me my beautiful hat!
Stepmother: Give me my fan!
1st stepsister ( глядя в зеркало): Tell us, Cinderella, do you want to go to the ball?
Cinderella: Oh, don’t laugh at me! Nobody will let me in!
1st stepsister: Of course, not! You have no beautiful dresses!
2nd stepsister: You are too dirty to go there!
Stepmother: Well, Cinderella, you can go to the ball. ( Золушка радостно захлопала в ладоши.) But … first sweep the floor, wash the dishes and paint the fence.
Stepmother ( дочерям) : Well, let’s go!
Scene 4
Cinderella (делая работу по дому)
Mother said
And my sisters too:
There’s work, work
For me to do…Paint the fence
And mow the lawn.
But if I work,
It won’t take long!
Золушка заканчивает работу.
Cinderella: Well, the work is done. I can go to the ball! But… my dress! Nobody will let me in!
Scene 5
Золушка плачет, появляется её крёстная фея.
Godmother: Why are you crying, my child?
Cinderella: I can’t go to the ball. I have no beautiful dresses.
Godmother: My dear, I can help you. You will go to the ball!
Herald: Here is a white dress and glass slippers for you. Try them on.
Золушка примеряет платье.
Herald: Oh! You look so beautiful!
Godmother: But remember: you must go home before the clock strikes 12!

Scene 6
Музыка «Король и принц»
Замок короля. Бал. Здесь же мачеха с дочками. Король разговаривает с принцем.
Prince ( королю): It is so dull here, father. I don’t want to dance any more. Ask the guest to show me something interesting.
King (принцу): All right, my dear boy. I’ll do anything you like.
King ( гостям): My son is bored. Cheer him up!
Музыка «Король и принц»
Гости танцуют. Принц остается безразличным. Появляется Золушка.
King: Who is that young girl? How beautiful she is!
Prince (Золушке): May I dance with you?
Cinderella: With pleasure.

Музыка «Вальс»
Золушка и принц танцуют. Внезапно часы бьют 12.
Звук бьющих часов
Cinderella: Oh, it’s 12 o’clock. I’m sorry, I must go! Good-bye!
Золушка убегает и теряет одну свою туфельку.
Prince: Father, she has gone. I am so unhappy!
King: Don’t cry, my dear boy, we shall find her.
Все уходят. Глашатаи.
Музыка «Фанфары»
1st Herald: Everybody, listen! The young lady is lost! Our Prince is unhappy. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep.
2nd Herald: The lady has lost her glass slipper. Here is the King’s order: Every young lady must try this glass slipper on!
Scene 7
Золушка опять дома. Смотрит на свою туфельку и грустит. Появляются мачеха и сестры. Она быстро прячет туфельку за спину.
1st stepsister: You know, Cinderella, there was a beautiful lady at the ball.
Stepmother: She ran home and lost her glass slipper.
2nd stepsister: The Prince is going to marry her. He is looking for her.
Входят два глашатая.
1st Herald ( сестрам): Try on this glass slipper, please!
1st stepsister ( примеряя): It’s too small for me.
2nd stepsister: Let’s me try it on… Oh, it’s too small.
2nd Herald ( Золушке): Try on this glass slipper, please!
Stepmother: Oh, it is our Cinderella, she hasn’t been to the ball.
Cinderella: But I want to try it on!
Легко надевает туфельку, достает другую и всем показывает.
1st stepsister and 2ndstepsister: Oh, Cinderella, we beg your pardon!
Cinderella: I pardon you. Good bye!
Золушка уходит в сопровождении глашатаев.
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